The Cannabis Industry is Booming: Here’s How to Get Involved

Cannabis Industry Booming

If someone told you there was an industry that was growing faster than almost any other business on the market today, would it spark your interest? How about if you knew that revenue for this industry is projected to hit the $57 billion in the next decade? It should come as no surprise that the […]

California’s Struggling Legal Cannabis Market Could Lead to Policy Revisions

California became the first state to legalize marijuana

California, one of the leading states in the cannabis industry is reportedly struggling since businesses with no permits continue to sell their unlicensed cannabis products. A lot of problems have risen, from the unstable supply sources to problems in testing. Meanwhile, a proposal that pushes for the access of home cannabis deliveries in states where […]

Wrigley Heir Moves From Gum to Medical Cannabis

William Wrigley Jr. II., the scion of the family that made great wealth by making and selling the most popular chewing gum in the world is setting his eyes and is moving into the cannabis industry. Wrigley, who helped arrange the sale of his family’s whole business to Mars Inc. in 2008, managed to bring […]

Gene Simmons Joins Cannabis Company

Gene Simmons Joins Cannabis Company

Gene Klein better known as Gene Simmons, is an Israeli-American personality, a Hollywood star, a multi-talented artist, but is best recognized with his black and white make-up and crazy hairdos in the legendary rock band- KISS. Simmons is one of the founders of KISS and was the band’s bassist for the longest time. He is […]

India’s Growing Cannabis Market and Entrepreneurs

Patanjali Ayurved and Cannabis

Then twenty-year-old management graduates Nikunj Ahuja and Kunaal Kapoor from Mumbai were smoking cannabis in their room when they got a bright idea. Eight years later, that idea made these men CEOs of an e-commerce business that sells cannabis smoking paraphernalia. Both of them invested Rs 10,000 or approximately $148 each to print colorful roach […]

Why are Californian Dispensaries Pulling Their Products off the Shelves?

California to Establish Special Cannabis Bank

Cannabis business owners in California only have few weeks left to accomplish new packaging and testing programs for their products to be able to comply with the state’s regulations. Businesses that sell cannabis and cannabis-infused products have enjoyed a six-month grace period that allowed them to market their stock which was not in complete compliance […]

Uruguay Struggles to Keep Up with Demand for Legal Cannabis

Uruguay's Experiment Legalization

Cannabis went up for sale in Uruguay last year, making history by becoming the first country that completely legalized marijuana. The total legalization finally pushed through after a law that was passed in 2013. Despite the long wait for the retail sales to be widely available in the country, the industry soon became a large […]

Legal Cannabis Industry in Canada Could Reach $4 Billion in the First Year

The legalization of the adult use of cannabis in Canada could result in over $4 billion in sales in the first year alone, Deloitte, an advisory, audit, and consulting company from the United Kingdom reported. Deloitte assessed and estimated that the adult use of legal marijuana in Canada can generate up to $4.3 billion in […]

Celebrities are Cashing in on the Cannabis Industry

Celebrities are Cashing in on the Cannabis Industry - Hollywood

Movies with cannabis-related humor have been a staple in Hollywood. These stoner films entertain viewers on the adventures of cannabis users. Probably one of the most famous actors in these stoner comedies is Tommy Chong. Chong and his partner Cheech Marin practically invented the genre. The two made several movies that poke fun on themselves […]

Are Marijuana Stocks Worth the Investment?

Marijuana Stocks Worth

Just a few years ago, the idea of making an investment in marijuana would have been laughed off as a fool’s dream. However, what was once unimaginable, has now become reality. In the same way that investments in alcohol companies were boosted by the end of Prohibition, it is now time for marijuana stocks to […]