Federal Judges Confirm the DEA’s Rule on Cannabis Extracts Will Stand

Cannabis Extraction - DEA's Rule on Cannabis Extracts Stand

Producers of cannabidiol (CBD) -rich marijuana extracts have experienced a major set back after a federal appeals court stepped on their challenge. Makers of the extracts were trying to stop the Drug Enforcement Administration from categorizing their products as potentially dangerous drugs. The DEA has established a Controlled Substances Code Number for “marijuana extract” in late […]

John Boehner Changes His Mind on Cannabis and Joins Marijuana Company

John Boehner joins the board of Acreage Holdings

John Boehner, a former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives was once against the legalization of marijuana. In 2011, he even told a constituent that he is “unalterably opposed” in the legalization of the substance. Not anymore. Last week, Boehner, also a former Republican US representative from Ohio reported that he will be joining […]

Cannabis Sales May Surpass Soda Sales by 2030

Cannabis vs Soda

The marijuana industry may very soon overtake the soda market in terms of sales. Studies show that sales from cannabis merchandise are steadily growing while those of soda products are experiencing a decline. If cannabis becomes made legal all over the US by 2030, a whopping $75 billion in sales could be recorded in that […]

Patanjali Ayurved: Cannabis Economy’s New Hope in India

Acharya Balkrishna, the CEO of the leading Ayurveda-based Indian product maker Patanjali Ayurved is considering to invest in cannabis research. Patanjali Ayurved will continue to study the medical and industrial features of the cannabis, Balkrishna told Quartz India, a publication that covers business, science, and the market. What is Ayurveda? More than a millennia ago, Indian […]

Novartis Partners with Canadian Medical Marijuana Company Tilray

Big Pharma Enters Marijuana Industry - Novartis Partners with Tilray

Rumors have long been circulating in the medical community that big pharmaceutical companies are going to enter the medical cannabis industry soon. According to some experts, the only thing that is stopping them is that they are cautious and wary of the legal implications of entering the market. The speculation came to a conclusion when […]

Legal Cannabis is Proven to Boost the Economy

Taxes from the cannabis industry has contributed significantly to the local economy according to a report by the Pueblo’s Institute of Cannabis Research from Colorado State University. A lot of researchers have come up with the conclusion that legalizing marijuana helps develop the economy in Pueblo County, Colorado. Taxes collected from cannabis reached more than […]

The United States is Losing Out on the $30 Billion Medical Marijuana Industry

Despite the overwhelming opportunity, the United States is losing out on the $30 billion medical marijuana industry as other countries around the world are monetizing on the vacuum the Federal government has created by limiting medical research and export opportunities. Lyle Craker is currently staying in the basement of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He […]

Four Ways Blockchain Will Impact the Marijuana Industry

Based on the latest report from the Brightfield Group, a company that focuses on market research and insight into the legal cannabis industry, the global market for cannabis is slated to hit $31.4 billion by 2021. The report also states that the market is currently worth over $7.7 billion and will witness a compound growth […]

Cannabis Behind the World’s Top Hedge Funds – 145% Growth

How Hemp Can Save the Planet

Cannabis stocks have contributed significantly to the 145% gain produced by a hedge fund, Tribeca Global Natural Resources Fund. 2016 wasn’t a particularly good year for hedge funds and Cannabis stocks helped Tribeca to rise to the top, among the 10,000 or so hedge funds that are tracked by Preqin, a New York-based data provider. […]

The Cannabis Master Grower

Cannabis Master Grower

With the growing demands for high-quality Cannabis products, commercial Cannabis industry tends to hire people with exceptional expertise and solid understanding about the nature of the Cannabis plant. And one of these experts is the Cannabis master grower. Get to Know More About Cannabis Master Grower To be considered as a Cannabis master grower, one […]