How to Make Your Cannabis-Infused Oil and Cannabutter

cannabis-infused recipes

Do you find cannabis edibles more to your taste than smokables? Making your cannabis oil and cannabutter could help develop the variety of your edibles recipes. This is because cannabutter and oil are widely used base ingredients in many cannabis edibles including biscuits, cakes, chocolate, salads and much more. Learning to make your cannabutter and […]

Introducing the Magic Butter Machine MB2 – Cannabis Edibles Made Easy [VIDEO]

Magic Butter Machine

Cannabis edibles are one of the most popular application methods for medical patients as well as for adult wellness users. This popularity explains the fact that edibles are the fastest-growing segment of the booming cannabis industry in the legal states of the US. Even new medical cannabis markets, like Germany, has a budding edibles market. Edibles […]

Cannabis Coconut Oil: One of Nature’s Best Combination

Coconut Oil has been a popular product for so long due to health and beauty benefits it offers. Its uses range from cooking and baking to moisturizing and battling aging. For many, coconut oil is a handy product to use every day with all the goodness it brings – but have you ever thought that […]