Pete Sessions: The Reason Congress Can’t Vote on Cannabis Legizlation

Pete Sessions

Pete Sessions may be a name you are not familiar with. This congressman is not, in any way related to the Attorney General Jeff Sessions. But these two Sessions have something in common: they profoundly despise marijuana. Pete is one of the primary reason for the government’s slow progress in the legalization of marijuana and […]

Year in Review – 2017 – The Most Progressive Year for Cannabis Law Reform

medicinal properties of CBD

2017 has been the most progressive year for cannabis law reform in history and things are just getting started. The year started with a lot of uncertainty around then incoming Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, who is well known for his dislike of cannabis legalization. Despite the uncertainty, many positive events kept unfolding worldwide. The United […]

New Hampshire Decriminalizes Cannabis Possession


Following the events in Oregon last week, the latest US state to take a more rational approach to cannabis is New Hampshire. Changes were widely anticipated after the House of Representatives approved legislation in late May to decriminalize cannabis possession and reduce the penalty from a criminal misdemeanor to a civil violation. Last Tuesday, Governor Chris Sununu […]

Oregon to Defelonize Not Decriminalize Drug Possession

As the financial and social cost of the failed war on drugs becomes more and more apparent to the general public around the world, a movement for change is on the rise. Decriminalizing all drug possession in Portugal over 15 years ago has brought huge social and cultural success to the small southern European country. […]

Legal Adult Use Cannabis is Available for Sale in Uruguay from Today

Uruguay legalized adult use cannabis in December in 2013 and became the first country in the world to have a legal cannabis market. Local residents have been able to home grow cannabis when they register with the government that they intend to do so. So far 6,600 people registered. The government also have been allowing […]

Cannabis Banking: A Festering Sore in the Side of Reform

cannabis and the banking sector

Banking for the cannabis sector is one of the ongoing battles about reform that will not go away. In fact, besides scientific evidence of medical efficacy, banking is the other big issue behind legalization at the federal level. Further, as the industry expands (marijuana is now legal for some purpose in 44 states), it never […]