Greendorphin World News Episode #14 UK Cannabis News Featuring David Nutt

David Nutt, professor of psychoneuropharmacology in the United Kingdom

Druglawed documentary director, Arik Reiss has interviewed David Nutt, a professor of psychoneuropharmacology in the United Kingdom. Arik asked Professor Nutt to share his wisdom with the New Zealand Parliament to help them out with the Medicinal Cannabis Amendment Bill that is currently being discussed in the parliament. The professor opened his statement saying he […]

The Wild And Wacky World Of Weed Journalism

weed journalism

As long ago as 2014, when both Colorado and Washington State began their experiments with legal weed for recreational use, marijuana journalism was seen as a “fringe” occupation, and writers who covered the industry are a strange hybrid indeed. The stigma of the industry was still highly ranked – and there were few writers willing […]