How to Make Your Cannabis-Infused Oil and Cannabutter

cannabis-infused recipes

Do you find cannabis edibles more to your taste than smokables? Making your cannabis oil and cannabutter could help develop the variety of your edibles recipes. This is because cannabutter and oil are widely used base ingredients in many cannabis edibles including biscuits, cakes, chocolate, salads and much more. Learning to make your cannabutter and […]

Diabetes Treatment and Prevention Through Cannabis Oil

Diabetes and Cannabis Oil

According to data from the CDC in 2017, more than 100 million Americans have type 2 diabetes or are prediabetic. That number jumped up significantly from the 29 million the CDC noted in 2014. These statistics are frightening, to say the least, and the trend seems likely to continue upward. Diabetes continues to affect millions […]

Health Benefits of Cannabis and Black Seed Oil

benefits of Cannabis and black seed oil

Cannabis oil and black seed oil have been used as an ancient remedy in many cultures, many people are aware of cannabis oil and how it is prepared but most of the people are not aware of the benefits of black seed oil. Black seed oil Australia is also known as ‘Nigella Sativa’ and has […]

My Canna Journey – The Path to Healing Postpartum Pregnancy

Healing Postpartum Pregnancy

I have always been an advocate for cannabis for many years. I’ve used it occasionally throughout the years but once I got access to medical cannabis it was a game changer and a true testament to the healing powers of this plant. Just recently I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, the effects of […]

Cooking with Cannabis Oil

cannabis oil

Cannabis aficionados are always on the lookout for a new way to consume the herb, as smoking or vaping isn’t always everyone’s go-to. With tons of recipes for edibles available online and with people getting really creative, a lot of it is made possible with THC-infused butter or what we’ll talk about today – Cannabis […]