New York Would No Longer Prosecute Minor Cannabis Charges

Last Tuesday, Cyrus Vance, Manhattan District Attorney publicized that his office will no longer put most charges for possession or use of cannabis on trial. The day after Vance’s announcement, prosecutors were prohibited to file charges for those offenses in New York City. Vance’s outlined the new policy with two possible exceptions to this rule, the […]

Canada Legalizes Cannabis Use for All Adults while Australia Still Prosecutes Patients

Australia appears to be lagging far behind Canada when it comes to Cannabis policy and based on current events, the gap seems to be widening even further. Australia has just legalized Cannabis for medical use earlier this year and its program is still extremely restrictive with only about 150 patients having access to Cannabis medication. […]

Global Marijuana March Makes A Splash In Frankfurt

Global Marijuana March In Frankfurt Germany

While Frankfurt Germany was not necessarily the world’s (or even Germany’s) largest march on this, May 6, a day of Global Action on Marijuana Reform, there was a definite presence. About 150 people showed up on a gloriously sunny, spring Saturday in the heart of the city. The open plaza in front of Alte Oper, […]

How Does the DEA Decision to Not Reclassify Marijuana Impact you?

The recent DEA decision on marijuana to not reschedule it as something other than a Schedule I drug, in a string of refusals that at this point stretch back decades, may be downplayed in the media. In fact, it is a highly significant event, particularly in light of other matters. There is no excuse at […]