Cannabis Seed Banks vs Brokers: 4 Differences You Must Know

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

When it comes to growing your own cannabis, investing in top quality seeds is absolutely essential. This is pretty obvious, really—can’t grow a plant without seeds, after all, and this is the case for everyone. Whether you’re looking to grow a couple of marijuana plants in your garden to large marijuana growing farms, everyone needs […]

How to Plant Cannabis Seeds

cannabis seed with sprout - plant cannabis seeds

Once your cannabis seeds have been germinated, it’s time to plant them into a growing medium. Germination may take about 48 hours. You will know your seeds are ready to plant when you begin to see a taproot start poking its way out of the seed. Once this taproot is about a quarter to a […]

Storing Cannabis Seeds – Everything You Need to Know

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

Do you want great cannabis year after year? Do you have favorite varieties but struggle to get them in your area? Growing your own can give you full control over your crop and access to your favorite strains. Once you have chosen your seeds and purchased them from a top seed bank, you need to […]

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds?

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

In many states and countries, it is legal to cultivate Cannabis for agricultural and medicinal purposes. With the rise seen in the demand of marijuana all over, many people are now considering to cultivate the seeds in their backyard. It should be seen to it that you are legally allowed to grow cannabis in your […]

Cannabis Seeds Explained

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Despite every attempt to keep the home grow movement in a box, cannabis reform has brought new interest in growing at home or as part of a collective. For the most part, home growing has not been as popular with legislators who have attempted to limit this right for many reasons just about everywhere. In […]