To Be Blunt—How to Bring up Cannabis Use with Your Doctor

How to Bring up Cannabis Use With Your Doctor

Although many of the potential medicinal properties associated with cannabis have been known for quite some time, the recent and ongoing repeal of marijuana prohibition has given patients a newfound confidence when discussing its usage with healthcare providers. While cannabis products show great promise in the treatment of many illnesses and conditions, attempting to self-medicate […]

4 Ways to Get the Best Benefits from Cannabis Use

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Cannabis users happen to be one of the most innovative people on earth. It is only fair if some of that creative energy gets redirected back to the source of inspiration: cannabis use. Most recently, people are incorporating ways in which users will retrieve the best benefits from the magical herb. Let’s dig in. Use […]

Health Help: 3 Conditions Cannabis Can Be Used For

conditions cannabis used for

Although medical research on cannabis has been limited in the past, a number of studies have recently come to light about its benefit on certain types of medical conditions. This information can offer another option for individuals who experience significant symptoms from these diseases and who do not receive relief through conventional medications. Here are […]

Top 10 Marijuana Use Mistakes Made By Beginners

Top 10 Marijuana use mistakes made by beginners

With all the misinformation circling the web about cannabis, it can make the first timer user skeptical about trying it out. But, the truth is, cannabis offers many medicinal and stress-related benefits. With its legalization, medical marijuana in Las Vegas, Nevada or in Oakland, California and other major states is being consumed more than it […]