How CBD can Enhance Your Sports Performance and Recovery

CBD for Sports Performance and Recovery

The life of an athlete is not easy! They have to undergo intense workout sessions for months leading up to the event. They perform endless hours of physical training that includes everything from heavy weight-lifting to extreme cardio and calisthenics. During workout regimes, muscle fibers get broken and are quickly repaired by the body with […]

Cannabis in the Mixed Martial Arts Community

Cannabis and Mixed Martial Arts

In current times cannabis seems to have a connection to everyone and everything, from stay-at-home mothers to patients who would have not wanted anything to do with cannabis a few years ago. Cannabis has its foot in every door at the moment. One door that is slowly rotting away is mixed martial arts, from Brazilian […]

Adding Cannabis to Your Workouts!

Adding Cannabis to Your Workouts

“Our body resembles exactly to a machine that works on automated systems. It’s our endocannabinoid linked immunity that helps us keeping healthy naturally. Cannabis contains chemical compounds that match natural cannabinoids in properties & structure and has the potential to repair the damaged endocannabinoid mechanism that exists in our body. Cannabis also has the potential […]