4 Causes of Fatigue That CBD Can Help With

CBD to help insomnia and fatigue

If you find yourself constantly struggling to get through the day, it can take a toll on your overall quality of life. You may have tried various over the counter or prescription treatments to combat your condition without success. Luckily, CBD can be a great, natural solution you can employ to reduce fatigue symptoms associated […]

4 Ways to Use CBD to Help Counter Insomnia

CBD to help insomnia and fatigue

Insomnia is the most commonly diagnosed sleep disorder with 10% of adults suffering from the condition chronically. Medications like zolpidem are usually prescribed to treat this disorder, but these drugs often come with adverse effects like dizziness, headache and sleepwalking. However, there is a more natural way. CBD, the non-intoxicating component of the cannabis plant, […]

CBD Oil Tinctures and Other Tips to Sleep Like a Baby

CBD Oil Tinctures

Do you have eight hours of sleep every night? Many people are missing hours of sleep most nights, whether they are worried about something at work, politics from the late-night news or something else. Then they are speckled, if not depressed, the following day. With a tired brain, the next day and at work to […]

CBD and Insomnia: Can CBD Gummies Help with Sleep?

CBD and Insomnia-Can CBD Gummies Help with Sleep

Not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy a good night’s sleep. It is estimated that one in every four Americans develop insomnia symptoms annually and 30% of the American population have these symptoms, 10% of which are chronic. Insomnia alone costs the economy of the United States approximately $63 billion annually. These are alarming statistics, […]