5 Ways CBD Can Help Your Pets

CBD Can Help Your Pets

Many users across Europe find full-spectrum CBD and CBD products useful in helping them manage daily stresses and inducing an improved sense of calm. You may already be using CBD products to improve your daily life, but if you have a furry friend, you may be surprised that CBD can provide benefits to them as […]

Human CBD vs Pet CBD: What is the Difference?

Human CBD vs Pet CBD

Recently, in many countries throughout the world, we received proper legislation regarding CBD. The awareness that CBD is not psychoactive, and the fact that many people now understand the difference between CBD and THC is pretty huge. Also, it is now clear that there are massive health benefits that CBD provides. However, there are still […]

4 Ways CBD Oil Can Help Your Pet

3 Alternative Pain Treatment Options for Dogs

Finding treatments for a sick pet can be difficult. Though proper medical treatments for chronic conditions are vital, it can always be a good idea to supplement medications with various other helpful elements, such as CBD oil. Relieves Pain Perhaps most importantly, CBD oil can be invaluable for your pets because of how efficiently they […]

The Benefits of Using CBD Oil on Your Pets

CBD for Pets

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a naturally occurring component of cannabis, a plant with a wide variety of names and uses, which has been around for thousands of years. CBD has grown in popularity as a safe, non-addictive, therapeutic alternative for people who want the health benefits of cannabis without the high feeling. What Makes it […]

Discovering the Benefits of CBD with Pets

Frenchies - Benefits of CBD with Pets

I began my practice as a Pharmacist in New York City back in 2015. This was around the same time I got my Frenchie, Hugo. As Pharmacists, we work long hours and even weekends and I felt guilty leaving Hugo alone all the time even with a few outdoor breaks with the dog walker. I […]

CBD Oil and Treats Your Dog Will Surely Love

CBD Oil Dog Treats

If you’re a dog owner, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about cannabidiol (CBD) oil. That’s because countless pet owners everywhere have found that CBD doesn’t only help humans, it helps our furry friends too! CBD is a naturally-occuring cannabinoid found in the hemp plant that will not induce any associated high. In other words, […]

The Right Way to Introduce CBD to Your Pets

The Right Way to Introduce CBD to Your Pets

As we continue to explore the relationship between CBD and humans, discoveries are being made regarding how beneficial this herbal medicine is to our overall wellness. In recent years, research has also shown CBD is extremely beneficial for your pets too. Visit any of the dog parks in the states, and you’re sure to bump […]

Surprising Uses for CBD

CBD for drug addiction

The use of CBD is growing in popularity among all age groups and genders as more benefits are being uncovered. Some of the most common uses for CBD include reducing stress and anxiety, treating chronic pain, and helping those suffering from insomnia. But these aren’t the only ways that CBD can benefit your life. Read […]

3 Safe Ways to Use Marijuana on Pets

Safe Ways To Use Marijuana On Pets

There are numerous medical breakthroughs related to the use of marijuana to treat illnesses on human beings. It has been known to relieve pain, improve appetite and provide an overall sense of well-being. Though lesser in numbers, same reports have been made regarding its benefits on pets. Marijuana is now an emerging trend in the […]

CBD for Pets – Advanced Treatment of Curing Furry Animals

CBD for Pets

Millions of people from different parts of the world want their animals to take in cannabidiol based goods. I read the news a few weeks ago and was bit shocked by the fact that even pets could consume the so-called miracle solution. We don’t realize how active the compound mentioned above could be in today’s […]