How to Pass a Hair Follicle Testing?

drug tests - pass a hair follicle testing

The number of scientific studies acknowledging the benefits of occasional highs is continuously on the rise. Thankfully, state laws are following accordingly, allowing medical and recreational use of certain substances, like cannabis. Unfortunately, drug use and substance abuse (including alcohol and tobacco) are still frowned upon in the work environment. Drug-free workplace, many employers try […]

Can You Detox from THC in 24 Hours?

detox from THC

There’s nothing worse for a weed enthusiast than a pre-employment and random workplace drug testing. Despite being legal in certain states, cannabis use is still frowned upon in the workplace environment. Employers that strive to create a drug-free work environment won’t tolerate recreational use, even if you only indulge during off-hours. If you work in […]

The Most Common Health-Screening Tests Required among Employees

Cannabis Laboratory Testing

Companies often require health-related screening tests before and after hiring candidates to ensure these people are fit for the job. Any results of these tests cannot be used to discriminate against a worker. All their medical history and records should be confidential and made separate from their other records. Any decent employer should heed their […]

Can You Fail a Drug Test Due to CBD? |Use Test Clear To Pass

Can You Fail a Drug Test Due to CBD?

In most parts of the world, candidates are tested for drug abuse before being hired. Drug abuse is usually identified by testing the urine, fingernails, blood, sweat, hair, breath, or saliva samples of the candidate. Within several states in the USA and many other countries, it is essential for candidates to present the drug test […]

How Many Different Drug Tests Are There?

drug tests - pass a hair follicle testing

Forget Lions, Tigers, and Bears – What about blood, saliva, and urine? Oh my! Fifty-six percent of employers in the US require pre-employment drug testing. Not to mention schools, rehabilitation programs, parole, and general health testing methods all can require drug testing. This amounts to an all-time high of roughly 55 million drug tests handed […]

Who Else Wants to Know How a Urine Test is Done and How to Pass it?

While cannabis is legal in 24 States in the U.S. (as of today) and many countries around the world, for medical or recreational purposes, a lot of companies still put their employees through cannabis tests on a regular or random basis. As a result, a lot of people want to know how to pass a […]