Legalization of Cannabis: Argumentative Essay

Legalization of Cannabis - Legal or Illegal

To many, it is known as marijuana, to some, it is “bud” or “devils” and others know it as “pot” or “lettuce”. Whatever name you choose to refer to it by, Cannabis has sparked hot political debate all over the world but more so in America. Cannabis is used by approximately 13.7% of the American […]

Examining the Pros and Cons of Legalizing Marijuana

marijuana possession in a non-legal state

More than half of the nation recognizes the benefits of medical marijuana. Nine out of 50 states have legalized both the medical and recreational use of marijuana. For those who support the legalization of cannabis, they understand its many benefits and often compare its use to alcohol, which has been legal nationwide since the end […]

Data Reveals Teen Cannabis Use Plummets Amid California Legalization

Marijuana's Effect on Teens

One of the leading arguments of the groups that are against the legalization of cannabis was the possibility of the increase in the substance use, especially with high school students. It was no different in the state of California. Californians voted for legal cannabis and the state started off its legal sales of recreational cannabis […]