Why Does Cannabis Affect Us All Differently?

cannabis affects us differently

A History of Cannabis Misinformation Prior neuro-scientific campaigns against pot smoking and cannabis consumption falsely detailed how cannabis was bad for the brain. This was based on research from other drugs, and its effect on the human brain. Today, we can see the therapeutic health benefits of this supplement that not only helps with chronic […]

CBD’s Health Benefits for Hormones

CBD for hormones

CBD took the world by storm thanks to its ability to relieve pain, induce relaxation and improve quality of sleep. All these benefits are supposedly because of its interaction with CB1 and CB2 – two neurotransmitters spread throughout the body that we believe to be responsible for everything from hunger to sleep. But for all […]

CBD and Energy: Everything You Need to Know

CBD and Energy

CBD and energy are two concepts that don’t seemingly mix. After all, thousands of people use CBD oils and marijuana to relax, unwind, and treat chronic anxiety. You’ve probably seen (either in real life or on television), a few friends completely mellowed following a good bake session. But CBD isn’t just used to calm your […]

The Cannabinoid Receptors and How they Work

The Cannabinoid Receptors and How they Work

Lately, there has been much talk about the amazing possibilities that cannabis holds in advancing our understanding of medicine. Currently, there have been many promising stories of people who use various forms of cannabis to recover from all kinds of illness. However, the research is just beginning to shed some light on how it all […]

A Guide to the Endocannabinoid System

endocannabinoid system

The story begins with a historical plant we have been familiar with for countless of generations. From ancient China, throughout to the far reach of ancient Rome, its natural powers for healing have been well documented for thousands of years. In current times, it is even said to treat cancer… so why is it we […]