How to Clean Your Grow Room After Powdery Mildew

That thing that is sticking on your plant, as though you sprinkled powdered sugar or flour over it, is a fungal infection called mildew. It is common in plants, especially in cannabis, cultivated indoors. Growers don’t like to see it on plants because it does more damage than good, and that is why they constantly […]

Tips to Successfully Grow Cannabis at Home

grow cannabis at home

Growing cannabis at home requires attention and patience. This is because the cannabis plant is very sensitive. To successfully grow marijuana at home, you need to be aware of the entire process attached to growing cannabis. Asides this, you need to be ready to do everything it takes for your plants to bloom gorgeously. For […]

5 Reasons to Grow Your Own Weed

growing cannabis - grow your own weed

With the push for legalization, many places around the world have started allowing not only the possession and consumption of cannabis but also its cultivation for personal and commercial use. Does the idea of growing your own weed attract you? It should. Here are some good reasons why. 1 – Connection Growing your own weed […]

4 Things You Didn’t Know About How Cannabis Is Grown and Harvested

How Cannabis Is Grown and Harvested

The cannabis market is one that has skyrocketed over the last few years. With more and more states legalizing the use of this medical drug, many manufacturing facilities are producing it. Here are some things that you likely didn’t even know about how cannabis is grown and harvested for consumers. It Takes Around Five Months […]

How to Grow High Quality Cannabis

growing cannabis - grow your own weed

Producing the best quality marijuana is not as complicated as it sounds. Almost anyone can grow high quality cannabis. The only thing to keep in mind is that buds determine the value of your marijuana. Most growers struggle with the quality of their marijuana buds. The plant may grow well, but it does not seem […]

5 Things You Need to Know if You Plan to Homegrow Cannabis

Is Marijuana Helpful in Eliminating Crohn's Disease

Homegrown cannabis plants can be time-consuming. If you’re going to do it, make sure you do everything right, to maximize and optimize your harvest. Let’s look at five essential tips to get you started with a successful cannabis harvest. It Starts with Your Seeds First, decide what you want; you can choose to grow Sativa, […]

Practical Tips to Become a Tech-Savvy Marijuana Grower

Practical Tips to Become a Tech-Savvy Marijuana Grower

We are living in an era where technology plays a major part in our lives. This is true even in the case of marijuana growers. Through the years, they have been more tech-savvy, learning how to take advantage of the latest innovations to grow cannabis with top-notch quality. The rest of this post will briefly […]

Cannabis Seeds Explained

storing cannabis seeds

Despite every attempt to keep the home grow movement in a box, cannabis reform has brought new interest in growing at home or as part of a collective. For the most part, home growing has not been as popular with legislators who have attempted to limit this right for many reasons just about everywhere. In […]

Countries Where You can Grow Your Own Cannabis

Countries where you can grown your own cannabis

As the cannabis industry begins to take shape internationally, the issue of home-grown cannabis is still an ever-present question that has not entirely been solved, nor is it likely to be soon. Many countries, particularly in Europe are in fact moving ahead with reform of some kind to limit home-grow and its spill-over into the […]