How to Clean Your Grow Room After Powdery Mildew

That thing that is sticking on your plant, as though you sprinkled powdered sugar or flour over it, is a fungal infection called mildew. It is common in plants, especially in cannabis, cultivated indoors. Growers don’t like to see it on plants because it does more damage than good, and that is why they constantly […]

HPS vs LED Grow Lights for Weed

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

I have brought HPS vs LED Grow Lights for Weed guide for you. When you start gathering stuff for your indoor growing set-up, choosing the right grow light is always a thing that brings confusion and headache. Today, I am here to eliminate that headache, and I will provide you with authentic facts about both […]

What Does It Mean to Have the“Best LED Grow Lights?”

Setting up ‘The Grow Room’

LED grow lights are paving a bright pathway for future growers who wish to start large-scale or commercial growing projects. Many people are growing plants under these unique full spectrum grow lights, which bring with them several benefits. If you are planning to take up an indoor growing project, it is important that you get […]

Indoor vs. Outdoor Marijuana Growing | Pros and Cons

Indoor vs. Outdoor Marijuana Growing

Medical marijuana has a wide array of applications, soothing everything from anxiety to chronic pain. In the past few years, the medical applications of cannabis have gained wider acceptance. More and more people are looking towards pot as a natural solution for physical and mental health issues. While you can simply purchase marijuana from a […]