How to Grow High Quality Cannabis

growing cannabis - grow your own weed

Producing the best quality marijuana is not as complicated as it sounds. Almost anyone can grow high quality cannabis. The only thing to keep in mind is that buds determine the value of your marijuana. Most growers struggle with the quality of their marijuana buds. The plant may grow well, but it does not seem […]

Could The Future of Cannabis Growing Be Inside a Shipping Container?

Cannabis Growing Inside a Shipping Container

Legal cannabis production is now among the fastest-growing industries in America. New legislation continues to create brand-new cannabis markets across the U.S. and internationally as well; meanwhile, producers in states that have already legalized for medical or recreational purposes are watching consumption increase. Oklahoma, for example, has seen rapid expansion since 2018 when it became […]

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds?

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

In many states and countries, it is legal to cultivate Cannabis for agricultural and medicinal purposes. With the rise seen in the demand of marijuana all over, many people are now considering to cultivate the seeds in their backyard. It should be seen to it that you are legally allowed to grow cannabis in your […]

Judge Approves Man’s Plea to Legally Grow His Own Marijuana

Florida Judge Approves to Grow Marijuana

Joe Redner, 77, a strip club owner in Tampa was given the permission to grow his own cannabis plants for medical use. This court ruling was decided by Judge Karen Gievers of Leon County Circuit on Wednesday and only applies to Redner. But lawyers believe that this could lead to an influx of similar cases. […]