Hemp: The Natural Response to Plastic Pollution

Hemp the Response to Plastic Pollution

The current rate of plastic production is about one billion tons in three years. That is what a 2016 article in ScienceDaily says, quoting a University of Leicester study. Plastic is inert and hard to degrade. So it becomes a toxic techno-waste that has severe polluting effects on the earth’s biodiversity. A National Geographic report […]

How Hemp Can Save the Planet

how hemp can save the planet

Back in the 1930s, when marijuana was criminalized, hemp was viewed as all the same. A dangerous drug with highly addictive qualities that caused young people to commit crimes. The ignored truth was, hemp doesn’t even get you high.¹ Its THC count is extremely low compared to marijuana and was used throughout history primarily as […]

7 Things You Need to Know About Traveling with CBD

Traveling with CBD

With the 2018 Farm Bill, industrial hemp was finally clarified as being a separate plant from marijuana and descheduled, making it legal at the federal level. This exciting development has helped trigger skyrocketing interest in CBD and its potential health and wellness benefits. As we approach the first summer under the most recent regulatory guidelines, […]

The Indian Hemp Drugs Commission Report

The Indian Hemp Drug Commission Report commenced on the 3rd of July in 1893 to study the physical, mental, and moral effects of cannabis. More than 124 years later, this report is still the most detailed and most comprehensive study ever produced on the effects of the human-cannabis relationship. The report was initiated to “inquire […]

Germany’s Hemp Industry – A Sleeping Giant?

Germany's hemp industry

The European Hemp industry, in general, is in an interesting place right now. Unlike the United States, hemp growers, for the most part, have been left alone in Europe. This is certainly true since the turn of the century. Hemp cultivation here is an ancient agricultural practice dating back to the Scythians. The vagaries of […]

Green Innovation: Hemp Houses

hemp houses

Recently we published an article about industrial hemp and one of the areas that are benefiting from the rebirth of hemp is our living space. The latest emerging trend is what are called Hemp Houses. That’s right, it is possible to build a house out of hemp. Hemp fibre used to be an important construction […]

Industrial Hemp: Today’s Hidden Cash Crop

Naturally Grown Cannabis

Before cannabis was illegal in the eyes of the masses, there was once a known variety of the cannabis plant that had many industrial uses. It is called Hemp. The many uses of Industrial Hemp, which is in the same gene pool as of Cannabis Sativa, was predicted in the past to have been worth […]