Investing in Canadian Cannabis 101

Since medical and recreational cannabis became legalized in Canada, publicly-traded cannabis companies with stocks — often referred to as pot stocks, or weed stocks, as a shorthand — have allowed everyday people to invest in the cannabis economy. For investors around the world — including countries like Australia, where medical and recreational cannabis legalization laws […]

California to Establish Special Cannabis Bank

Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco

Last Wednesday, California’s Senate approved a bill that would create a state bank for marijuana businesses. Senate Bill 930 or simply just SB 930, received bipartisan support from the senators, who voted 29-6 in favor of this new law. Most cannabis companies can’t easily access traditional banking services because of the strict federal regulations. In […]

Are Marijuana Stocks Worth the Investment?

Marijuana Stocks Worth

Just a few years ago, the idea of making an investment in marijuana would have been laughed off as a fool’s dream. However, what was once unimaginable, has now become reality. In the same way that investments in alcohol companies were boosted by the end of Prohibition, it is now time for marijuana stocks to […]