Jeff Sessions is Surprised That Americans Aren’t Embracing His Anti-Cannabis Stance

Legalizing Drugs Could Strengthen Democracy

Jeff Sessions, the appointed Attorney General of President Trump for his federal cabinet, said that he was surprised when he learned that most citizens of the U.S. are not embracing his anti-cannabis stance. He announced this during the wide-ranging intellectual discussion held earlier this August at Luke Air Force Base near Phoenix, AZ Central. Attorney […]

AG Sessions Admits That There are Benefits from Medical Marijuana

Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions, the United States’ Attorney General is a staunch detractor of the movement to legalize marijuana. He made his stance clear soon after he took office. But last week, on a key Senate Panel, the attorney general made a quick turnaround and acknowledged that there are probably some medical benefits from marijuana and it […]

Jeff Sessions’ Memo Pushes Death Penalty for Drug Peddlers- May Include Legal Business Owners

Jeff Sessions

State licensed cannabis business owners have yet another problem to face: a new Jeff Sessions’ memo. The document by the Attorney General urges district attorneys to sentence big-time drug dealers with the death penalty. This could be dangerous as the memorandum includes legal business owners who sell marijuana or marijuana-infused merchandise. Last week, Sessions sent […]

US Congress Seeks to Extend the Protection of Medical Marijuana

Politicians Embrace Marijuana

Canada’s cannabis industry is budding and growing at an extraordinary speed since medical cannabis legalization in 2001. Health Canada, the country’s equivalent of U.S.’ Department of Health and Human Services was given the authority to oversee the production and licensing of the substance soon after the decriminalization. As of this moment, the North American country is […]

Lawsuit Challenging the Federal Prohibition of Cannabis was Dismissed by Judge

Lawsuit Challenging the Federal Prohibition of Cannabis was Dismissed

The lawsuit that challenged the federal prohibition of marijuana was dismissed. February 14’s triumph quickly faded for the marijuana advocates when Judge Alvin Hellerstein moved the motion to suspend the case this Monday. The Judge of the U.S. District Court made some statements regarding his renewed positive perspective on cannabis- an act which seemed unlikely […]

NBA Pushes League to Allow Medical Marijuana

NBA for Marijuana Twenty-nine states have already started the ball rolling in the marijuana legalization movement. But the NBA teams in those states and the association, as a whole, aren’t allowed to use this therapeutic solution. Fortunately, this might be just about to change. Michele Roberts, the woman in charge of the National Basketball Players […]

Federal Judge Recognizes Medical Properties Of Marijuana in Lawsuit Against DEA

The federal trial against the DEA and Jeff Sessions regarding the validity of the plea to legalize medical marijuana has finally begun. On February 14, Valentine’s Day, a defining point for the supporters and advocates of the medical marijuana legalization movement was marked as they found love from the result of the legal proceedings. The […]