One Year In: 4 Effects Cannabis Legalization is Having on Canada

Cannabis Legalization Canada

As the first G7 nation to legalize cannabis, Canada has found itself in the world’s spotlight, with many looking on to see how national legalization — something that had never been attempted in a country as large as Canada — would go. Proponents of legalization made bold predictions about the explosion of the Canadian market, […]

Tips to Buying Cannabis from Online Dispensaries in Canada

cannabis buds - marijuana grinder

If you are Canadian, you know what October 17th, 2018 means to cannabis culture in Canada. That’s the day that recreational cannabis use became completely legalized and getting quality cannabis became a problem. Not everyone is excited about legalization; medicinal users are now having issues accessing medical quality cannabis due to shortages in supply which […]

Legalization of Cannabis Extracts Not Happening in Canada

Canada's Cannabis Legalization

This coming month of October, Canada will finally legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Recreational cannabis will be available through more than 200 private retailers’ across the province of Alberta and be curated to around 40 state-run shops in Ontario. Meanwhile, other provinces in the country would not allow cannabis dispensaries and residents from these […]

Russia Complains Cannabis Legalization in Canada Breaks International Agreements

Russia is calling members of the G7 nations to voice their concerns against what they believe is Canada’s “high-handedness” after its decision to legalize the adult use of cannabis. The Russian Federation has issued an official statement that accuses Canada of breaching the international legal obligations by pursuing the legalization of cannabis for recreational use […]