Cannabis Consumption is Growing Faster Among Baby Boomers Than Teenagers

marijuana for seniors

New research about cannabis has been debunking stereotypes and misconceptions about those who consume the substance. An emerging study is now undermining the assumption that most of the people who use cannabis are young people. According to this new study, the number of baby boomers, individuals who are now in their senior years, has increased […]

80-Year-Old Medical Cannabis Patient Jailed for Having Cannabis with Expired Card

An 80-year-old woman name Dolores Saltzman was incarcerated recently after she was caught with an expired medical cannabis card and less than an eighth of an ounce of cannabis. Saltzman who has been using cannabis under Michigan’s medical cannabis program for her chronic pain which was caused by an injury she sustained a few years […]

Is Cannabis Allowed in Nursing Homes?

Home for the elderlies can be safe havens for our senior loved ones. If it is assistance in any activity such as diet, exercise, socializing, and taking medication, the elderly will receive the proper care from these facilities. But what about seniors who take medical marijuana for health purposes? While exact numbers are difficult to […]

Why are So Many Senior Citizens Turning to Cannabis Rather than Pills?

Senior Citizens Turning to Cannabis

Many North Americans in their 70s, 80s, and even 90s are trying out cannabis for the first time in their lives. They hope this plant or its various extracts or oils might help alleviate their anxiety, depression, insomnia, and chronic pain, especially when pharmaceutical drugs might have previously failed them. The elderly across the continent […]

The Benefits of Medical Marijuana for Seniors

marijuana for seniors

As much as the Millennial Generation is embracing marijuana reform, the largest market who could benefit the most from the reform is still hesitant. I am talking about the older generation, our seniors. Although they find it harder to embrace the drug it may be due to the fact they remain unaware of the multiple […]