Presidential Candidates 2020 and Their Views on Cannabis

Legalizing Drugs Could Strengthen Democracy

The importance of cannabis reform and its role in the presidential elections 2020 is one of the many signs that show the journey of cannabis into our lives. The current term has seen significant progress in liberating the use of marijuana for medicinal uses in various regions. And the statistics show that the pattern will […]

Legalization of Cannabis: Argumentative Essay

Legalization of Cannabis - Legal or Illegal

To many, it is known as marijuana, to some, it is “bud” or “devils” and others know it as “pot” or “lettuce”. Whatever name you choose to refer to it by, Cannabis has sparked hot political debate all over the world but more so in America. Cannabis is used by approximately 13.7% of the American […]

The State Of The Green State – An Overview Of Marijuana Reform In The U.S.

marijuana reform in the US

The biggest winner, by far, in this November’s elections was the legalization of cannabis. Of the nine states that had marijuana reform of some kind on the ballot, 8 passed reform initiatives – four recreational and four medical. This means that there are now 30 states where marijuana is legal for either medical or recreational […]