Federal Judge Recognizes Medical Properties Of Marijuana in Lawsuit Against DEA

The federal trial against the DEA and Jeff Sessions regarding the validity of the plea to legalize medical marijuana has finally begun. On February 14, Valentine’s Day, a defining point for the supporters and advocates of the medical marijuana legalization movement was marked as they found love from the result of the legal proceedings. The […]

Uruguay’s Legalization Experiment

Uruguay's Experiment Legalization

For those who have been following the international development of cannabis legalization, the small South American country of Uruguay has been on the map since the turn of the century. Uruguay legalized the drug in December 2013, after a decade of grassroots lobbying by mostly middle-class consumers convinced it was better for the industry to […]

Jeff Sessions Nominated as US Attorney General – Should We be Worried?

Jeff Sessions

President-elect Trump has nominated Senator Jeff Sessions to the post of Attorney General for his incoming administration. The decision has many in the legal yet still state-by-state level marijuana industry across the United States right now. While Trump is expected to support medical expansion, it is still unclear what impact the Alabama Republican nominee for […]

The Great Marijuana Organizations Fighting for Legalization

The great organizations fighting for marijuana

The great battle for the truth behind marijuana legalization is being brought to light by various marijuana organizations all over the world, who believe in its medicinal value and other benefits to man.   The great organizations who have fought for marijuana since its prohibition have had countless battles throughout the years with institutions, who dismiss […]