A Visit to PlantMed, a Cannabis Clinic in Brisbane Australia

Cannabis Clinic in Brisbane- PlantMed Logo at Entrance

Greendorphin Media has recently visited PlantMed, a cannabis clinic, in Brisbane Australia. Medical Cannabis is slowly making progress in Australia and Brisbane is now home to its very first cannabis clinic. Leading Australian Cannabinoid Clinician, Dr John Teh is one of the few doctors who knew about the endocannabinoid system, and its importance for a […]

Lindsay Carter: Australia’s First Medical Cannabis Patient

Lindsay Carter: Australia's First Medical Cannabis Patient

Lindsay Carter was diagnosed with a brain tumor (Glioma) in July 2013 after suffering for over 2 years from a debilitating illness. When I first heard about this remarkable 19-year old man and his struggles with the tumor and condition-induced epilepsy my heart just fell. His illness had been misdiagnosed as Irritable bowel syndrome and […]

Calling All Aussie Doctors! Medicinal Cannabis for Health Professionals

Australia’s draconian medical cannabis laws are on the way out and common sense is finally starting to prevail. Some of the key figures leading this change were on full display at last nights MCRA (Medical Cannabis Research Australia) symposium for health professionals. Major Aussie cities Darwin, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth all […]

Dr Teresa Towpik: MediHuanna Cannabis Education

Dr Teresa Towpik: MediHuanna Cannabis Education

MediHuanna & the Introduction to Medicinal Cannabis Meet the vivacious and fiery, Polish-born Dr Teresa Towpik. Aside from being a mother and a practising general practitioner, she has somehow found the time to establish an education tool for medicinal cannabis which serves the purpose of reeducating members of her profession about the medical applications of the plant. […]