The Long Road to Legalising Medical Cannabis in the UK

legalising Medical Cannabis in the UK

It is hard to remember a time when the UK Government has spoken seriously about medical cannabis, let alone actually legalising it. In fact, the UK has been notoriously known for upholding strict prohibition on cannabis for decades. The use of cannabis was criminalised in the UK in 1928 when it was added to the […]

Medicinal Cannabis to be Legalized in the UK by the Autumn

The United Kingdom’s Home Secretary Sajid Javid has given permission to allow cannabis-infused medical drugs starting this autumn. This decision would soon enable doctors in the UK to be able to legally prescribe cannabis to patients with certain health conditions. Home Secretary Javid chose to loosen the regulations regarding the circumstances in which medical cannabis […]

Royal College of Nursing Says Medical Cannabis Should Be Legalized

UK Nurses Support Cannabis Legalization

Nurses from the United Kingdom joined the increasing number of medical professionals who voted in favor of cannabis legalization. They argued that their patients should be permitted to take alternatives like cannabis if their current legal medication can’t help reduce the pain they feel from their conditions. An overwhelming number of representatives from the Royal […]

Prince William Joins the Debate on the Failed War on Drugs in the UK

Prince William finds a masterful way to enter the debate on the legal status of drugs in the United Kingdom. The Duke must have realized that most of the discussions on the topic are dominated by people that have no or limited exposure to the problem itself. The voice of the Britons that are actually […]