Persecuted Patient: How to Effectively Fight a Cannabis Charge

Persecuted Patient

Despite considerable nationwide progress toward sensible and compassionate medical marijuana policy, patients are not yet legally immune from judicial crosshairs. A medical marijuana card is not an unbreakable legal shield. Consequently, becoming the target of federal or state raids, arrests, prosecution, and incarceration can give way to sweeping discrimination in matters of child custody, housing, […]

Tips to Get a Medical Cannabis Grower License

growing cannabis

Growing cannabis is an art. Are you an artist? The medical cannabis industry is growing faster than ever. People now are starting to accept it as a mainstream medicinal drug and are opting it over other traditional medications. With even most of the states recognizing its benefits and legalizing it, the industry is deemed to […]

Guenter Weiglein – The Persevering Patient

Guenther Weiglein – The Persevering Patient

Patient journeys to access cannabis are frequently long and fraught with frustration and delay. Access to the drug is still almost always difficult and on several fronts. In Germany right now, the battle lines are absolutely drawn to the next global conversation about cannabis. This is true more so here than any other country in […]