To Be Blunt—How to Bring up Cannabis Use with Your Doctor

How to Bring up Cannabis Use With Your Doctor

Although many of the potential medicinal properties associated with cannabis have been known for quite some time, the recent and ongoing repeal of marijuana prohibition has given patients a newfound confidence when discussing its usage with healthcare providers. While cannabis products show great promise in the treatment of many illnesses and conditions, attempting to self-medicate […]

How Medical Marijuana Can Improve Your Life?

medical marijuana improves life

Medical marijuana is not a flashy term that is used to justify the use of the plant. Instead, it is meant to describe the benefits that a person can get by using it. Marijuana can be a real-life savior to patients and no matter what kind of a condition you have, there is a good […]

How Medical Cannabis Laws Vary from State to State

medical cannabis laws

The laws surrounding medical cannabis in America are in constant flux. Not only are there great discrepancies between different state’s policies towards cannabis, there’s also a huge disconnect between state and federal laws. Let’s clear up some of the common cannabis confusions to help you better navigate this issue. Marijuana, Hemp, CBD: It’s All the […]

How to Apply for Canadian Medical Cannabis Prescription

Medical Cannabis Prescription

Medical cannabis has gained popularity in the health sector. As much as it does not cure all ailments, it has been found to be effective in treating anxiety and depression, cancer, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and brain injuries, to mention a few. Ongoing research on medical cannabis promises to find more ways through which […]

Health Help: 3 Conditions Cannabis Can Be Used For

conditions cannabis used for

Although medical research on cannabis has been limited in the past, a number of studies have recently come to light about its benefit on certain types of medical conditions. This information can offer another option for individuals who experience significant symptoms from these diseases and who do not receive relief through conventional medications. Here are […]

Can Cannabis Give You Diarrhea?

cannabis-induced diarrhea

One of the reasons that medical cannabis and marijuana had such a tough time getting openly accepted in the mainstream was the fact that it seemed to produce contradictory effects in different test subjects. Perhaps nothing serves better to underline this than its role in inducing both diarrhea and constipation. To answer the question, it […]

Medical or Recreational: That is the Question

Vaporizing cannabis - Medical or Recreational

As more states allow for the use of medical marijuana, the push for recreational gains force. For decades, the thought of marijuana use being legalized in any way was almost unheard of. In the 1930’s America, legislation was put in place to impose a hefty tax on the sale of cannabis and cannabis related items. […]

Tips to Get a Medical Cannabis Grower License

growing cannabis

Growing cannabis is an art. Are you an artist? The medical cannabis industry is growing faster than ever. People now are starting to accept it as a mainstream medicinal drug and are opting it over other traditional medications. With even most of the states recognizing its benefits and legalizing it, the industry is deemed to […]

Medical Marijuana User Guide

Medical Marijuana User Guide

The use of medical marijuana is on the rise. A drug that was once deemed the gateway drug is now being recognized for its beneficial healing properties. When used the right way and for the right reasons, marijuana is helping thousands of people suffering from a wide range of illnesses and conditions. The popularity of […]

4 Ways Medical Cannabis Can Help You Deal with Chronic Pain

Marijuana can alleviate joint pain

If you have chronic pain, it is a real hassle. It interrupts your daily life. Furthermore, there are a lot of downsides to traditional medications that are not spoken about much. When you add this all up, there is a big reason why so many people are using cannabis instead. Here are four reasons to […]