Cannabis Skin Care: DIY Marijuana Salve

Cannabis Skin Care: DIY Marijuana Salve

The proliferation of the increasing various ways of marijuana consumption has gone beyond smoking and ingestion. As we know, cannabis experts are looking to different means to imbue the medicinal properties of the herb inaccessible commodities to widen the scope of how we consume cannabis today. This is, of course, to effectively penetrate and cater […]

What is the Entourage Effect of Cannabis?

The Entourage Effect of Cannabis

If you have been following the cannabis discussion – particularly of a medical bent – you have probably heard about a term that is increasingly used to describe the impact of ingesting whole plant marijuana – rather than one particular cannabinoid. Even as there is more and more interest in the impact of isolated cannabinoids, […]

Wasting Away- How Cannabis Helps AIDS Patients

Wasting away- How Cannabis helps AIDS

Even with amazing scientific advancements in the new age, an old enemy continues to stalk and claim lives within the millions. Of the most devastating diseases, we come to face on this planet- HIV remains of the most deadly in its notoriety. The discussion of AIDS stands hand-in-hand with its precursor forerunner, HIV. While they are […]

Australia’s First Federally Approved Cannabis Patient

The story of Lindsay Carter, Australia’s first medical cannabis patient, is a good reminder of the importance of making cannabis available to everyone in need as soon as possible. There are many patients, like Lindsay, whose life depends on cannabis. Any delay caused by bureaucracy can and unfortunately does result in extreme stress to these […]

Veterans Right to Access Medical Cannabis

Veterans Right to Access Medical Marijuana

The issue of authorizing cannabis use for veterans remains one that is likely to remain contentious for some time. The reason of course, is that without federal rescheduling of the drug, it remains a substance in the eyes of the federal government which pays for all medical costs associated with veterans’ health care, with no […]

Medical Cannabis in Australia – A Failure of the Health System of Mammoth Proportions

Approaching November 2016, Medical Cannabis supporters in Australia were highly anticipating the government to legalise Medical Cannabis and hopes were flying high. We published a post back then about how it all may turn out, that you can read here. Everyone was hopeful and initially things looked like the government might produce a fair and […]

How To “Come Out” As A Medical Cannabis User Safely

medical cannabis user

There is a great scene in the movie “Steel Magnolias” where the Olympia Dukakis’ character describes the coming out process of a nephew (as gay). In the scene, she describes him telling his parents that he has just a short time to live. After they react in horrified shock, his response is to tell them […]

The Benefits of Medical Marijuana for Seniors

marijuana for seniors

As much as the Millennial Generation is embracing marijuana reform, the largest market who could benefit the most from the reform is still hesitant. I am talking about the older generation, our seniors. Although they find it harder to embrace the drug it may be due to the fact they remain unaware of the multiple […]

Doctors and Marijuana: What Do They REALLY Think

doctors and marijuana

As medical use begins to become more common, if not quite mainstream, one of the biggest hurdles in obtaining a prescription remains the acceptance of the drug by mainstream doctors. Doctors and marijuana is a tricky topic as reform is taking place, and doctors are all reacting differently to the news of legalization. To date, […]

Can Marijuana Treat Glaucoma

Marijuana for Glaucoma

Our eyes are vital organs in our body, that we tend to overwork and neglect. This can lead to eye diseases which often develop slowly and are painless. However, some can be so severe it leads to blindness such is the case with Glaucoma. There is no cure yet for Glaucoma but there are medications […]