Progress for Florida Medical Marijuana Patients in 2019

Florida Medical Marijuana Patients

When Amendment 2 first passed and was later signed into law back in 2017, Floridians were looking forward to easily accessing medical marijuana. The state legislators implemented new laws and formed governing agencies to oversee patients, doctors and dispensaries. The new legislation forced a vertically integrated system into place which empowered only 14 state-approved dispensaries […]

Why is CBD Oil Important for a Healthy Heart?

Why is CBD Oil Important for a Healthy Heart?

Heart attack and other critical issues take a heavy toll on our lives. Due to heart-related illnesses, more than 500,000 people die every year in America alone. Medical marijuana doctors in Sacramento can help you get a medical card for the safe use of cannabis for heart conditions.   Some of the major causes of […]

Judge Approves Man’s Plea to Legally Grow His Own Marijuana

Florida Judge Approves to Grow Marijuana

Joe Redner, 77, a strip club owner in Tampa was given the permission to grow his own cannabis plants for medical use. This court ruling was decided by Judge Karen Gievers of Leon County Circuit on Wednesday and only applies to Redner. But lawyers believe that this could lead to an influx of similar cases. […]