Vacationing in Canada? Here’s What Australians Should Know About Cannabis

Toronto skyline - vacationing in Canada

When the 14-hour flight from Sydney to Vancouver lands at the airport, the mind of an Australian tourist in Canada may, inevitably, turn to one question: “Where, in this fine country, can I buy some weed?” One year into recreational legalization, a visit to Canada may seem like a more attractive way to spend your […]

How to Smoke Weed as a Tourist in Barcelona

How to Smoke Weed as a Tourist in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona has never been as popular as the go-to destination for cannabis tourists across the globe as it is now. No wonder it has recently been nominated as the “Weed Capital of Europe” by many influencers in the cannabis industry. The city has been a home to countless cannabis clubs since the turn of the […]

Marijuana Travel: 5 Beautiful Herb-Friendly Destinations

5 Beautiful Herb-Friendly Destinations

Weed destinations are gaining attention in large part due to legalization in multiple countries. Whether the plant has been legal for years, or recently legalized, each country has its own cannabis etiquette and laws. For those that like to enjoy a little bud on their adventures, we’ve put together this list of 5 herb-friendly vacation […]

9 Most Popular Cannabis Travel Destinations

9 Most Popular Cannabis Travel Destinations

Marijuana never fails to be the center of controversies all over the world. Most US states have lifted regulations in using Marijuana for medicinal use and some even for recreational purposes. This is after they have seen taxing potential on the herb and the numerous health benefits it provides to users. With its continuous legalization […]