Weedmaps Espania – Traveling Spain with Weedmaps


As a traveller and a pot smoker, it’s nice when I can get some weed to enjoy, and quite often to assist with complications and difficulties when I travel. It does not change the situation it just takes the edge off the mental stress in dealing with extraordinary situations. My most recent trip in Spain […]

How to Smoke Weed as a Tourist in Barcelona

How to Smoke Weed as a Tourist in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona has never been as popular as the go-to destination for cannabis tourists across the globe as it is now. No wonder it has recently been nominated as the “Weed Capital of Europe” by many influencers in the cannabis industry. The city has been a home to countless cannabis clubs since the turn of the […]

Cannabis in Spain: Why the World Should Follow in their Footsteps


Since joining the European Union on the 1st of January 1986, Spain has become a living example of European integration. The ‘European spirit’ is somewhat second nature to Spaniards as the recognition of “difference” is largely part of the Spanish identity. This attitude must play a part in how Spanish drug laws have been developing. […]