Cannabis Consumption is Growing Faster Among Baby Boomers Than Teenagers

marijuana for seniors

New research about cannabis has been debunking stereotypes and misconceptions about those who consume the substance. An emerging study is now undermining the assumption that most of the people who use cannabis are young people. According to this new study, the number of baby boomers, individuals who are now in their senior years, has increased […]

Data Reveals Teen Cannabis Use Plummets Amid California Legalization

Marijuana's Effect on Teens

One of the leading arguments of the groups that are against the legalization of cannabis was the possibility of the increase in the substance use, especially with high school students. It was no different in the state of California. Californians voted for legal cannabis and the state started off its legal sales of recreational cannabis […]

Cannabis Legalization Does Decrease Teenage Cannabis Use

Medical and adult-use cannabis legalization does not increase teen marijuana use, based on actual data from the Washington State Institute for Public Policy as well as on the recently released federal survey data.   According to the federal survey data, cannabis use among the 12 to 17 years age group has dropped to its lowest […]