Medical Cannabis for Pain Relief

medical cannabis for pain relief

More than 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain with a cost of approximately $600 billion in lost productivity and medical treatments a year. These are staggering numbers, and it’s no surprise that those who experience chronic pain are turning to medical cannabis for help. Currently, 33 states plus the District of Columbia have legalized […]

Can You Fail a Drug Test Due to CBD? |Use Test Clear To Pass

Can You Fail a Drug Test Due to CBD?

In most parts of the world, candidates are tested for drug abuse before being hired. Drug abuse is usually identified by testing the urine, fingernails, blood, sweat, hair, breath, or saliva samples of the candidate. Within several states in the USA and many other countries, it is essential for candidates to present the drug test […]

What’s the Difference Between THC Oil and CBD Oil?

It seems that everywhere you turn these days, people are talking about CBD. As more states legalize marijuana, people who might otherwise have never considered using cannabis or a cannabis-type product are exploring different options. That being said, there is still a great deal of confusion when it comes to CBD. One of the most […]

Does THC, CBD or Cannabis Affect Your Memory?

cannabis and memory

Does THC, CBD or Cannabis Have Adverse Effects on Your Memory? Lately, discussions regarding cannabis have been rampant. Seemingly, two points of view emerge from all these discussions. On the one hand, is the idea that cannabis has harmful effects on human health. Those who support its legalization sight the numerous benefits it has on […]

What is a Decarboxylater, And How Can You Use it to Make Edibles at Home

What is a Decarboxylater?

Plan on using cannabis in edibles? Outstanding! Edibles are a great way to enjoy your favorite herb and with a virtually endless number of recipes and preparations to choose from, there is no doubt something for literally everyone. Not so Fast there But before you go throwing in some dry herb or concentrate into your […]

Green Growth Brands Introduce a New Solvent-less THC Concentrate

Happy Camp Solvent-less THC Concentrate

Disposable vapor pens and cartridges are one of the largest growing sectors in the cannabis market today. Not only are they portable, but they provide users with an easy and discreet way to consume THC while on the move. They’re also ideal for new cannabis users who want to try the drug for the first […]

THC vs. CBD: What’s What?


We all know just how much controversy cannabis and cannabinoids brought about when they took the pharmaceutical market by storm, but how many of us actually wondered why is that? If so many people claim cannabis helped cure or at least alleviate their condition’s symptoms, how bad can it be? Well, the thing about using […]

Medical Marijuana User Guide

Medical Marijuana User Guide

The use of medical marijuana is on the rise. A drug that was once deemed the gateway drug is now being recognized for its beneficial healing properties. When used the right way and for the right reasons, marijuana is helping thousands of people suffering from a wide range of illnesses and conditions. The popularity of […]

Cannabinoids and Cannabidiol: What’s the Difference?

Cannabinoids and Cannabidiol

When it comes to cannabis, there are so many terms that get thrown around and interchanged in regards to the plant and its components, that it can be difficult to work out what exactly is being referred to. Early confusion over terms like hashish, weed, and hemp, has now been overtaken by two relatively new […]

How to Make Your Own THC Vaporizer Cartridges at Home

How to Make Your Own THC Vaporizer Cartridges

Making your very own THC infused vaporizer cartridges might be easier than you think. Disposable vaporizer pens are becoming wildly popular in the legalized states in the US and there are good reasons for it. They are very discreet and convenient to use and also very portable, they have almost no smell, you can take […]