6 Things to Know About Domestic Travel When You Have Marijuana

travel with marijuana

While traveling internationally with marijuana is always illegal, domestic travel in the US seems to have more gray area. The rules vary based on whether you’re crossing state lines, whether your marijuana is medical or recreational, and the laws of the state or states you’re in. Because of this, there are several things you should […]

The New Rules on Flying with CBD

flying with CBD

In the last few years, CBD has gone from being a health supplement on the sidelines and entered the mainstream. The compound is now being added to everything from lotions to burgers. However, there’s a large section of CBD users that take it on the recommendation of their physicians for therapeutic reasons. It is imperative […]

Traveling With Cannabis

Travelling with Cannabis

If you are a Cannabis enthusiast, surely, traveling with marijuana already crossed your mind. And this is true for Cannabis medical patients, some of whom would never consider traveling without their medication. However, many places still consider marijuana to be illegal, whether be it legally prescribed or for recreational purposes. This greatly affects medical marijuana […]