Uruguay Diverted $22 Million from the Black Market into its Regulated Cannabis Market

Uruguay Diverted $22 Million from the Black Market

The Government of Uruguay caused estimated losses to drug trafficking totaling 22 million dollars through the implementation of cannabis regulation in 2013, as reported by the state’s Institute of Regulation and Control of Cannabis (IRCCA). IRCCA’s fifth report on the state of affairs of the regulated market, released on November 30, 2018, states that “It’s […]

Pot Sales Return to Uruguay’s Pharmacies

After a welcome start to their pharmacy-based national cannabis retailing system on 19 July 2017, Uruguay was soon hit by a serious threat from its US banking partners. The US banks warned Banco de La República Oriental del Uruguay (BROU, the main bank and key player in the banking system of the small South American […]

Greendorphin World News Episode #2 – Argentina Cannabis News

In this second episode of Cannabis World News, Arik has traveled to Argentina to document the 19th Argentine Global Marijuana March in Buenos Aires earlier this year. The vibrant South American capital city, Buenos Aires put on a cannabis march that not only sent a clear message to Argentine law makers but also set an […]