My Canna Journey – The Path to Healing Postpartum Pregnancy

Healing Postpartum Pregnancy

I have always been an advocate for cannabis for many years. I’ve used it occasionally throughout the years but once I got access to medical cannabis it was a game changer and a true testament to the healing powers of this plant. Just recently I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, the effects of […]

Medical Marijuana Movement is Rising in Kentucky

In recent news, Louisville has been making a call to hear out the miracles of medical marijuana and give it a chance in legislation. In Kentucky, after hundreds of residents who are suffering from chronic diseases started to complain and demand an alternative to their usual pills, Metro Council approved a resolution that supports the […]

The Ultimate Guide to Vaping Cannabis Oils

vaping cannabis oils

Vaping cannabis oils is becoming a trend in the cannabis industry. Imagine, having your own portable vaporizer that gives you extreme flavors, provides high potency vaping and ultimate discretion. According to Campus Safety Magazine, using marijuana concentrates through vape pens is an ideal way to take a hit anywhere you want and still remain discreet about […]