Top 10 Best Weed Vaporizers on the Market

weed vaporizers

Unlike smoking, weed vaporizers only heat up the material to a certain degree that the plant does not get burned and releases all the potent vapors. This way, it does not stink or give out unsettling feeling in your throat. But that is only true for the good-quality devices. So, to help you get the […]

How to Smoke Weed Without Rolling Papers

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Although rolling a joint is the most popular method of smoking weed there are many other options. Here are three of the other ways you can use. How to Smoke Weed Without Rolling Papers If you are wondering what you can use as rolling paper, this article will help you! You can now buy all […]

How to Vape Cannabis Flowers

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Both recreational and medicinal marijuana users are increasingly favoring vaping over smoking. This is informed by the dangers of smoking to our respiratory systems. Vaping is a healthier option for people of all ages. Some experienced marijuana users are hesitant to switch to vaping; they wonder if vaporizing flowers will have the same effect as […]

3 Reasons to Invest in a Desktop Vaporizer

Volcano Digit Desktop Vaporizer

Most herb enthusiasts have tested out a portable vaporizer at least once in their lives. In fact, that’s an understatement as many users have quit using traditional smoking methods altogether in favor of switching to a vape. Portable herb and concentrate vaporizers came to prominence around 2006. And now in 2019, there is a huge […]

Why Staying Hydrated is Important When You Vape Cannabis or CBD

Why Staying Hydrated Is Important When You Vape Cannabis or CBD

Cottonmouth is one of the only negative effects cannabis has on your body, but what happens when the high wears off and your mouth is still dry? This could actually be a key signal that you need more hydration. Staying hydrated is important no matter what you’re doing, but it becomes essential when you’re vaping […]

Vaping vs Bongs: The Pros and Cons of Both from a Health Perspective

vaping vs bongs

Cannabis users looking for the smartest ways (from a health perspective) to use cannabis have countless options to get the benefits they’re looking for. Whether it’s smoking from a bong, using a dry herb vaporizer, baking edibles in an oven, or using extremely potent drops of cannabis oil, all of these methods are less harmful […]

Best Herbs to Vaporize for Lung Health

How you can benefit from Vaping Cannabis with Common Herbs

People now recognize vapes like they never did before. There has been so much advancement and growth in the field that the technology that would once freak people out, is now mainstream. Instead of doubting whether the claims of manufacturers about the experience being similar to cigarette without carrying its side effects is true or […]

Smoking, Vaping and All The Other Ways of Taking Cannabis

Smoking, Vaping and all the other ways of taking Cannabis

Smoking isn’t the only way to consume marijuana. Smoking is, in fact, the least effective way to ‘enjoy’ your precious herb. There are 5 other ways to apply the therapeutic effects when taking Cannabis. Depending on where you live, some might be more accessible than others, however, there is a Cannabis consumption method for everyone. […]