5 Reasons Marijuana is Safer than Alcohol

Marijuana is Safer than Alcohol

Marijuana is losing the stigmatic fog that previously surrounded it. This plant is more accepted than ever. It is legalized for medical and recreational use in scattered areas around the globe. Many people state that marijuana is safer than alcohol. It’s true that cannabis hosts a plethora of benefits for individuals and their communities. If […]

The American Public Says Sugar is More Harmful than Cannabis

sugar is more harmful than cannabis

Many of the youth today probably don’t know about the film Reefer Madness. Originally titled as Tell Your Children and sometimes called The Burning Question among others is a 1936 American propaganda movie about exaggerated events that follow after high school students are lured by pushers to try marijuana. The melodramatic incidents in the movie […]

Weed vs. Alcohol: Health Effects

alcohol with cannabis

The legal consumption of Cannabis in over 23 states has brought forth questions about health, and whether Cannabis (Weed) is safer to take recreationally than Alcohol. So the great debate continues, Weed vs. Alcohol, which is better and in this article we will weigh up their qualities and let YOU decide which you would rather choose… […]