How CBD Can Help You Lose Weight and Exercise More

How CBD Can Help You Lose Weight and Exercise More

Cannabidiol or CBD is taking the world by storm. While many people associate cannabis with getting high, this isn’t true for CBD. CBD isn’t psychoactive, making it the perfect way to take advantage of cannabis benefits without getting high. If you hope to take advantage of CBD, you can use it in the form of […]

If You Want to Eat More and Lose Weight, Smoke Weed!!

Cannabis and Weight Loss

You might be aware of this famous punchline for stoners that they always have the “munchies”. Well, thanks to science, this is not the case anymore. According to a report published by the American Journal of Epidemiology, people who smoked cannabis regularly had approximately one-third lower obesity rates than the ones who did not smoke. […]

Cannabis Weight Loss – Can Cannabis Help Fight Obesity

Cannabis weight loss

Cannabis has been part of our history for many years and has been sharing its benefits with thousands of people all throughout the globe. One of which is its significant contributions to medicine. Medical marijuana is now widely used to provide relief in various health conditions. One of the least known but trending benefits that […]