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A new cannabis compound has been in the spotlight for quite some time now. This new cannabis compound goes by the name of THC-O, which is an ester of THC and is not found naturally in the cannabis compound. This compound is created through a chemical process using acetic anhydride. During this process, the CBD is extracted from the hemp plant into delta-8 THC, and when acetic anhydride is added to it, it produces THC-O acetate.

This compound is reported to be more psychedelic than other cannabinoids, which further makes it a target for fun seekers. But since it is a type of cannabinoid, it has its own set of effects like stress relief, pain minimization, a feeling of euphoria, etc., just like your usual cannabinoid.

There are many other things that you need to know and understand about this compound before smoking it.

Here are some of the things that you need to know about THC-O smoking:

Smoking THCO causes great euphoria

Euphoria is one of the main reasons why people smoke weed anyway, which is why THC-O is getting even bigger hype than other cannabis strains. The reason it is so potent is that it has a far higher bioavailability than the non-acetylated version.

Smoking THCO can relieve nausea

Although many people use THCO to get high or relieve stress, many also use it to get rid of nausea. It is most famous among people who have anxiety and other conditions that cause nausea in some instances. One other place where this THCO is useful is in cancer patients. Cancer patients are often subjected to chemotherapy, which has many side effects, including nausea. This THCO is thus beneficial for treating nausea caused by chemotherapy.

CBD and Cancer treatments

Smoking THCO is far more potent than THC

The main compound in cannabis that causes a high is THC, and this new compound, THCO, is found to be about 3 times stronger than THC. THCO is formed through a chemical process that gives it such a potent touch, which is useful for people who have adapted to high levels of THC. Instead of high amounts of THC, people can now directly consume a small amount of THCO to feel the same euphoria.

Smoking THCO for medicinal benefits

THCO is potent, which makes it a potential candidate for future medicine. It can prove beneficial for those with conditions that might use THC to relieve their symptoms and health conditions. Since THCO is three times stronger than THC, it can make a good alternative medicine.

Bottom line

This new-found miracle is still nothing more than a bud of the flower, which has the probability of blooming into a beautiful plant one day. But as of today, there are still many blank areas on how this compound works and what benefits it can have on human health.

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