5 Tips to Ensure You Get the Most Out of Your CBD Tincture

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CBD is a miraculous chemical that can be extracted from cannabis. Unlike the THC found in marijuana, CBD does not make you high. Instead, it is great at relieving different ailments including inflammation, anxiety, seizures, and more.

One of the best ways to consume CBD is through a CBD tincture. An herbal tincture uses water mixed with alcohol to extract chemicals from plants, and CBD tincture specifically extracts CBD from hemp.

Below are five tips for getting the most out of this product.

Add it to Food

One of the best ways to use a CBD tincture is to add it to food. If you take it with food, you will still get the full effect of the CBD. However, the sometimes unpleasant taste of the liquid will be masked unlike if you take it alone.

You could, for example, add it to the top of a salad with your salad dressing or use it in a baked snack.

CBD in cooking

Choose Oil Tinctures

In regards to selecting a CBD tincture, choose a CBD oil tincture. The oil version has certain benefits. Adding oils such as carrier oil can make the concoction much more potent and effective.

The oil can actually make the CBD easier to absorb as is the case with fish oil tablets. Oil tinctures are also easier to cook with and still retain their medical benefits even after the cooking process.

Take It with Liquid

Another way to dilute the rather earthy taste of a CBD tincture is to add it to another liquid, such as your evening tea. It doesn’t matter what kind of drink you prefer, you can add your CBD tincture to it.

A CBD tincture is already diluted in liquid. Adding more liquid will not change the medical benefits of ingesting it.

Put It Under Your Tongue for the Quickest Effect

If you can stand the taste of your CBD tincture, taking it with nothing might actually be the most effective way to receive the effects as quickly as possible.

Place a few drops under your tongue and hold them there for a few seconds before swallowing. This will ensure that the CBD goes more directly into your bloodstream.

CBD oil - Effective way of Consuming CBD

Clean the Glass Dropper

If you start using CBD tinctures, one thing you need to do is clean the glass dropper.

In specific, you need to clean the mouth of the dripper. Cleaning it should remove impurities that could contaminate the tincture. If you don’t clean it, mold can form.

CBD has certain great medical benefits for people that suffer from things like chronic inflammation and joint stiffness. By itself, it certainly has an acquired taste. However, there are different ways you can enjoy a CBD tincture in food and drink.

Choose an oil tincture for the best effect, and make sure to clean the mouth of your dropper after use.

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