Tips to Successfully Grow Cannabis at Home

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Growing cannabis at home requires attention and patience. This is because the cannabis plant is very sensitive. To successfully grow marijuana at home, you need to be aware of the entire process attached to growing cannabis.

Asides this, you need to be ready to do everything it takes for your plants to bloom gorgeously. For those who are interested in growing cannabis at home, the tips below would help you cultivate your own cannabis farm successfully at home.

7 Tips to Successfully Growing Cannabis at Home

1. Location

Knowing the right place to grow your plant is essential for successfully growing cannabis at home. Although you can grow cannabis plants indoors or outdoors, however, the processes can be quite a responsibility to handle.

The outdoor option is not as strenuous as growing cannabis indoors. It is also not as expensive as indoor growing because nature provides essential nutrients.

Nevertheless, if you are eager to grow cannabis indoors, then you must think about the location that suits you the most. Most people opt for installing a greenhouse indoor, although you can also explore your backyard as an option.

You must also be prepared to be responsible for growing cannabis indoors, by providing the required temperature, light, water, and other nutrients needed to grow healthy cannabis. You can learn more about how to successfully grow cannabis at

2. Source of Light

If you prefer growing cannabis indoors, you will need to think about the source of light for your plants. If you plan to grow a few plants, you can consider placing your plants close to an open or a see-through window.

The sunlight coming in might be enough for your plant to grow. However, if you are growing more than a few plants indoors, you would need to purchase and install grow lights for your cannabis plants.

Find the best lights for the location of your plants since it is crucial to buy suitable lights for your cannabis plants. Your grow lights need to be optimized, so your plants won’t receive too much light and get light-burned.

By giving adequate light to your plants, it would ensure that they will grow well.

3. Grow Medium

You need to think of the appropriate growing medium for your plant. You can consider growing your cannabis plants on the soil. With this, your plant would have more access to rich nutrients embedded in the organic soil.

You also can grow hydroponic cannabis, this medium is perfect for planting indoors and will reduce the risk of your plants contracting soil-borne diseases, although they are more expensive than the soil medium.

Whichever growing medium you choose; you need to ensure that you follow the instructions that come with it so your plants will grow well.

4. Adequate Nutrients

Your plants’ nutrients could also be the deal-breaker in your cannabis-growing duty. It isn’t enough to set the right lights and location in place for your plants; you need to ensure that they have access to the required nutrients.

Cannabis plants need different nutrients to strive in the diverse stages of their growth; this includes potassium, calcium, nitrogen, zinc, copper, and phosphorus.

The pH condition for your cannabis plants is also another critical factor you need to consider. If the pH condition of your chosen growing medium is not right, your plant would not be able to absorb the necessary nutrients.

If the pH is accurate and the necessary nutrients are easily absorbed, your cannabis plant would grow well.

5. The Right Cannabis Strain

When aiming to grow cannabis plants successfully, you need to be aware of the cannabis strain you plan to plant. Most cannabis strains have different growing methods and growing techniques.

Knowing what each strain requires would help you grow healthy plants. If you are growing your plants right from the start, you need to ensure that your growing medium is well-conducive for seed germination.

Make sure that your chosen grow medium is well kept as this would boost the germination and subsequent growth rate of your plant.

6. The Vegetative Stage

When your cannabis seeds grow leaves, they are already in their vegetative stage. To ensure that your plants stay healthy during this stage, you need to follow some measures.

Your plants should have access to about 18 hours of light and warm temperatures of between 68 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. You need to pay proper attention to your plants during this period.

This stage is vital to the growth of healthy plants, so ensure to water them frequently as your plants would need plenty of water during this phase in their lifecycle.

7. The Flowering Stage

The flowering stage is when flowers start forming on your cannabis plants. This is the final stage before harvesting. The light will get to the parts of your plant evenly if you maintain overgrown branches trimmed.

During this phase, you still need to give your plants adequate attention. This is because cannabis plants are usually very sensitive during this period.

The light, temperature, and water should be just right, not too much and not less either. Be on the lookout for signs of nutrient defects and address the problems fast.

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Growing cannabis at home has a lot of benefits; you will be able to save costs while learning the ropes yourself. Following the tips above will help you to successfully grow healthy cannabis plants at home.

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