6 Tobacco Alternatives for Marijuana Joints

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Although tobacco is the most commonly used when rolling a joint, it can get boring fast. Tobacco is relatively expensive and for the average smoker, has a rather basic taste. If you have been looking to try out something new and find some tobacco alternatives, here are our six affordable and easily accessible recommendations which we think you’ll enjoy!

Blue Lotus

As implied with its name, blue lotus plants can provide you with a mystical smoking experience when added to your marijuana spliffs. Blue lotus has been used for smoking for thousands of centuries, dating back to ancient Egypt in which artworks depicted the water lily during dancing and ‘partying’ rituals.

It is ideal for those who are regularly overwhelmed with complicated thoughts and want to calm down for a short period of time. Blue lotus is known to still one’s mind and is often used before bed to help smokers sleep easier and fall into lucid dreams.

White Lotus

Similar to blue lotus, white lotus as a smoking agent originated from ancient Egyptian culture. Having been found in Egyptian tombs, this herb is known to be a fast-acting stimulant that boosts its smoker’s motivation and creativity levels.

Most white lotus smokers use it in the morning, as it can also increase your energy levels, help with alertness, and get you to start the day in good spirits. If you work in a creative field or would just like to channel your inner artist, white lotus may be the perfect tobacco alternative you are looking for.

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Catnip, scientifically known as Nepeta Cataria, is a popular alternative to tobacco and is well-known for its subtle psychoactive effects on users. Although quite strong for cats, catnip can help slow down the human mind and bring it to a pause.

Catnip is different to tobacco as tobacco often stimulates the mind, however, can still provide smokers with the earthy and bitter taste that tobacco has. Catnip is usually imported from eastern Europe, China, Central American and the Middle East.


Damiana, also known scientifically as Turnera Afrodisiaca, can be found in Southern Texas as well as the Caribbean and South America.

Traditionally used as an ingredient in Mexican liquor, Damiana has grown in popularity as a tobacco alternative for marijuana joints as it greatly stimulates the senses of the mind. For this reason, it is popular for couples who are looking to enjoy some sensual activities together.

The increasingly popular herb has a dually minty and spicy taste but it’s rather soft in flavour– unlike your traditional tobacco. It also does not have much of a scent so don’t worry about it overpowering the smell of your favourite cannabis strain or being too pungent on your body.

How you can benefit from Vaping Cannabis with Common Herbs


Passionflower is a plant known for its relaxing effects on the human mind. Its leaves can be used both fresh and dry in marijuana joints and have long been used as part of Native American culture. Passionflower is a great option to consider when looking to wind down and relax after a hard day, or simply just to destress.

This plant has a mild grassy and earthy taste and is similar to tasting to most weeds but with a more subtle and natural effect. It is perfect for times when you want to roll your own cigarettes as it blends well with other weeds and is relatively easy to get your hands on.


Like Passionflower, Scutellaria Lateriflora better known as Skullcap has relaxing and soothing effects on the mind. Although intensely named, Skullcap is a unique and calming herb and is most popularly used when an individual is going through a stressful time and simply wants to chill out.

Skullcap has an earthy and bitter taste so is well-suited for cannabis strains that are more fruity and light. Its scent is also extremely unique and is something all individuals should experience and enjoy at least once in their smoking ventures.

It is important to keep a backlog of affordable and easily accessible tobacco alternatives for marijuana joints, in the case that you grow tired of the basic tobacco taste, or need a quick smoke but don’t have access to tobacco. Such a list is especially helpful when travelling as not all countries readily sell tobacco.

In the case that you would like to travel in the distant future but are unsure of the smoking environment in foreign countries, keep on track with a smoker’s guide to travelling.

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