7 Things You Need to Know About Using a Cannabis Inhaler

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Cannabis inhalers are gaining a lot of attention as a new way to dose and it’s no surprise.

The marijuana community loves being able to take discrete, odorless hits of THC mist whenever the mood hits. If you’re considering picking up a THC inhaler for yourself or a fellow cannabis enthusiast, you might have some questions.

Here are seven fast facts you should know.

1. There’s No Heat Required

Inhalers aren’t vapes. While both types of devices require that you inhale, that’s where the similarities end. In contrast to vapes that require heated coils to turn THC-infused e-liquids into vapors, inhalers use pressure to create a THC mist.

They work just like traditional asthma inhalers, only with THC. You never have to worry about combustible batteries or electronic components that can malfunction.

2. Inhalers Deliver Metered Doses

The great thing about THC inhalers is that you always know exactly what to expect. If you’ve ever accidentally taken too big of a hit from a pipe or vape, you know that it can be an uncomfortable experience.

With a cannabis inhaler, the THC dose is pre-measured for you. If you just want some mild relaxation, take a single hit. If you want stronger effects, you have complete user control to create the experience you desire.

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Cannabis affects everyone differently. One or two hits can provide a very mild experience for some and an extremely intense one for others. Even if you’re careful, it’s easy to take a massive rip off a bowl or vape and feel the effects for the rest of your day.

The problem with smoking and vaping is that it’s a gamble. Inhalers give you a higher level of control so you can tread the line without crossing it.

3. Inhalers are Incredibly Discrete

Unless you tell someone, nobody will know you used a cannabis inhaler. They don’t produce any scent or vapor. They really give you the best of all worlds — everything you love about smoking, vaping, and edibles, without the drawbacks.

As long as you check local cannabis laws, inhalers are the best choice for traveling with cannabis. They’re ideal for any event where smoking or vaping is frowned upon.

Aesthetically, THC inhalers look very discreet. It’s unlikely that you’ll find inhalers with the wild colors and funky designs of glass bowls or bongs or even vapes.

That’s not their niche. THC inhalers offer a low-key alternative to the more over-the-top cannabis ingestion devices out there. They’re designed to meet the needs of cannabis enthusiasts who prefer the clean, professional look that inhalers provide.

4. Maintenance is a Breeze

Inhalers are convenient and hassle-free. You never have to buy new batteries, tanks, coils, or juices.

After you’re finished dosing, simply wipe the inner mouthpiece with a q-tip or cotton ball soaked in isopropyl alcohol and give the outer mouthpiece a quick rubdown to get rid of any leftover saliva.

When it’s time for a refill, just pop in a new cartridge and you’re good to go.

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5. There are No Carcinogens

While not all THC vape juices are inherently dangerous, there’s always a risk of vaping compromised e-liquids.

Even if you’re not purposely buying black-market cartridges, there are licensed cannabis companies that have been caught selling extract cartridges with dangerous ingredients.

Smoking dried flower also creates toxins that are best to avoid when possible.

In short, THC inhalers are a much cleaner alternative to both vaping and smoking. When you look at how THC inhalers work, you can see that they function just like traditional asthma inhalers.

It’s abundantly clear that asthma inhalers are safe for the lungs—asthma is a lung-based condition, after all—and THC inhalers are essentially the same, only with THC as the main ingredient instead of asthma medications.

6. The Effects are Almost Instant

The THC mist you inhale isn’t extracted the same way as edibles, so it hits instantly.

If you’ve ever tried edibles, you know that they can take an hour or more to kick in. Beyond the long wait, edibles can be extremely intense, sometimes even producing uncomfortable psychedelic effects if you’re not careful. While edibles can be a great time in the right circumstances, they’re not always the best option for everyday practical use.

Using a cannabis inhaler is similar to smoking or vaping in that you feel the effects within a few seconds after taking a hit. The buzz itself is also more comparable to smoking or vaping, but you can still enjoy extremely powerful effects by upping your dosage.

With an inhaler, you never have to worry about the classic mistake of redosing edibles before they’ve fully kicked in. Take a hit, wait a few seconds, and then dose again if you want to. Easy breezy.

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7. They’re More Common Than You May Realize

If you live in a legal area, finding a THC inhaler may be easier than you think. In fact, if you can find a cannabis dispensary near you, you can probably find one that carries inhalers.

They’re super popular these days, and the demand is increasing as more and more people seek vape alternatives. Just make sure you do your research and find a reputable brand. Not all THC inhalers are equal, and you want to get a solid first impression.

If inhalers sound even remotely interesting to you, pick one up and give it a try for yourself. Inhaling might just become your new favorite method. If nothing else, it’ll be another tool in your kit.

Just having the option to take an undetectable hit anywhere is the ultimate convenience that passionate marijuana enthusiasts have been waiting for years to enjoy. THC inhalers are finally here, and they’re here to stay.

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