What People Are Saying About Using Kratom with Cannabis

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Cannabis may have to make room for a newcomer in the alternative medicine game. You might have heard of the benefits of cannabis and CBD as an alternative health and pain regiment, but a relative newcomer to the international medicinal-herb scene, kratom, is sparking interest for its mild stimulating and analgesic effects.

This Southeast Asian herb comes from the Mitragyna Speciosa tree (a member of the coffee family) and its leaf contains potent alkaloids and it has been used for over two centuries in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Borneo for stamina, pain relief, and opiate withdrawal.

cannabis laws

Research and Legal Restrictions

Similar to the situation with cannabis over the last century, kratom has great potential for medicinal uses—especially in pain relief—but research efforts have been made difficult by drug scheduling restrictions.

It’s a “catch-22” situation: A drug can be classified as “Schedule I” in the U.S. if it has a high potential for addiction and no known medicinal uses. However, without permission to research a drug, it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to prove the medicinal benefits users claim it has and place it on a less restrictive schedule.

Professors and researchers have spoken on this conundrum and shared their thoughts with TONIC and several over publications and news organizations about how law reformation and regulation is needed in addition to education and research to properly understand this product.

Unlikely Bedfellows

While kratom and cannabis are not exactly alike in effect, both have many benefits in common and—according to users—can offer complementary effects.

Historically, kratom leaf was chewed fresh or brewed into tea. In recent years, however, it has become possible to take kratom as a powder in water or swallowed as a capsule or tablet.

Users explain that this psychoactive herb has a stimulating effect at low doses and a sedating or relaxing effect at higher doses. Here, we’ll dive into potential benefits and the “how-to” of mixing kratom with cannabis together.

Potential Benefits of Mixing Cannabis and Kratom

Due to the restrictions on kratom and cannabis, there are no clinical trials that test a combination of the two. However, a growing community of users (both medicinal and recreational) report positive results.

According to users, both of these herbs have the following benefits in common:

When used together, the herbs can create a feeling of euphoria, heightened sensory perception, and help to mitigate psychotic disorders. They can also be used in combination to help with opiate withdrawal, although this use is still in experimental stages.

How to Mix Kratom with Cannabis

There is an abundance of information on mixing kratom and cannabis on internet forums such as Reddit, where current users provide their tips and tricks. Most forums on the subject boast that there is a wonderful synergy between kratom and marijuana, describing it as a generally pleasant mood enhancer. Many users also provide instructions on how to take the two substances together and relate their own experiences with different dosages and ways of mixing the two.

It’s important to note, also, that to avoid developing a tolerance to the herb, many kratom users mix kratom with other “potentiators” or vary the frequency of dosing until their tolerance reduces again.

Cannabis joint

Less is More

The key when mixing the two together, however, seems to be “less is more.” Stick to your usual kratom dose (or start by first establishing your ideal kratom dose) and then use half as much cannabis as kratom.

Kratom First, Cannabis Later

To kratom combine with cannabis, many say to first take a low kratom dose orally as a tea or powder and wait until the effects kick in and hit their peak. This could be anywhere from an hour to three hours after taking your first dose.

Once the kratom peak is over, smoke an even smaller amount of cannabis than your kratom dose and ride the waves of relaxation and euphoria that follow. Some users prefer to take kratom during the day and then smoke cannabis at night.

Users also say that cannabis can be so strong that it can easily overpower the kratom if you have too much cannabis or take them too close together, so you’ll get the best effect if you follow the sequence suggested of kratom first and cannabis later.

Kratom and Cannabis Smoothie

Kratom and Cannabis Smoothie

An alternative way to combine your cannabis and kratom is to take a little of each orally in a smoothie or shake in the morning (ideally mix the cannabis with some coconut oil). Because the cannabis is oral in this method, it affects the body differently and doesn’t necessarily overpower the kratom.

You might have to experiment a little bit to find the right ratio, but once you do, the mood enhancement is said to be amazing!

What Happens if I have Too Much?

We’ve all been there—you’re experimenting with your dosage and go too far, or just decide to go for broke on a lazy afternoon. If you have too much kratom and cannabis, you may feel a little nauseated but that’s about the worst that can happen. The most likely result is that you’ll drift off into a deep sleep and find it hard to get up off the couch.

second-hand smoke

Warning: Don’t Mix Kratom and Cannabis with Cigarettes

The saying “Two is a company, three’s a crowd” is true with kratom and cannabis. Try to add regular cigarettes to the mix, and you will likely end up feeling dizzy or getting sick. Stick to the two herbs, and you’ll be good to go!

If you’re new to the world of therapeutic or recreational botanicals and wanting to try something a little smoother than kratom or the whole cannabis herb, consider CBD oil or other herbs that you can vape.

As always, if there is a particular condition you are trying to treat with medicinal herbs, it is best to seek the advice of a natural-minded healthcare practitioner.

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