Did You Know Vaping and Dabbing Cannabis is The New Trend

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The conventional way of taking in Cannabis has been overshadowed by healthier new alternatives in modern days. The burning of joints, pipes and bongs, although still a practice in most Cannabis users, is not the particular norm anymore. 

We live in a generation that is more concerned about health than ever before. The impact to your health and overall well-being is of great concern to most of us.

This trend may be due to the information age, that has made us more aware of ourselves and we want to live longer.

So, in the Cannabis industry what has changed?

The new methods have been introduced called Vaping and Dabbing.

These are considered healthier ways to consume Cannabis and reaping out the plant’s therapeutic benefits. By using these methods it is proven to be more effective medicinally and recreationally.

Vaping and Dabbing Cannabis filters out all the unwanted carcinogenic substances, which you are subjected to when smoking Cannabis.

This can also cater to patients in need of Medical Cannabis. The inhalation of vapor, as opposed to taking in a pill or tablet, is much more therapeutic and can provide instant relief. This technique is definitely the way to go and is seen to be the paraphernalia of choice in the future of Cannabis.

What’s Vaping and Dabbing?


vaping and dabbing

Vaping is the process of heating up Cannabis or any dry herb to a certain temperature to activate the beneficial chemicals and releasing them in vapor form. This is for a healthier and smooth intake.

Vaping Cannabis usually is done with dry herb vaporizers, that heat the plant matter to its boiling point to release vapor. Click here for examples of Dry Herb Vaporizers.


vaping and dabbing

Dabbing, on the other hand, is the form of heating up Cannabis concentrates, not herbs, on a very hot surface. Dabbing usually requires a specific metal loader which is attached to a bong. This is also for a healthier and smoother Cannabis intake. But dabbing can be more potent if used incorrectly. Since the substance used is a concentrated form of Cannabis, much like an extract, it is easy to over dab your hit.  

Conduction and Convection Heating

The process of dabbing and vaping requires heat as its main element. To further understand the process of both methods, we shall differentiate the process of Conduction (Dabbing) and Convection (Vaping) heating.

CONDUCTION (dabbing)

Conductive heating is mainly used for dabbing. Dabbing has developed a scary reputation because of the way it is performed. But dabbing is actually so much better and healthier than smoking Cannabis.

Dabbing is far from actually vaporizing Cannabis. When the TL hotplate is heated using a blowtorch, it can reach a temperature as high as 900 to 1000 degrees. Dropping some oil extracts or wax into the hot plate to make it vaporize is conduction.

Because of the high temperatures and the contact of substances with the equipment, dabbing may also lead to combustion. This is evident by the chard marks left in the plate after the deed is done.


Convective heating is associated with indirectly heating Cannabis. Convective heating uses an electronic heating mechanism which heats the air inside the chamber. When the air reaches a certain temperature, it heats the Cannabis in the chamber to release vapor.

Cannabis and other dry herbs do this because they are heat activated. Once the air is hot enough to reach the flower boiling point, vapor is released. Convective heating does this without charring or combusting the plant.

But to be fair there are devices on the market which use both Conduction and Convection methods for vaping – and you can learn more in this video.

So, Which is Better Between Vaping and Dabbing?

While both practices prove to be better than smoking, vaping reigns as the much healthier option of the two. This is because none of the carcinogenic elements is released when vaping Cannabis.  

Why is that?

Although vaping Cannabis proves to be the better choice than dabbing, there are other aspects in vaping Cannabis that can be harmful. These are:

Choosing the right vaporizer

It is important to note that vaporizers contain more than just the heating chamber. There are wires and other components that react to heat as well. When temperature are high and the vaporizer is poorly built, these other materials may tend to combust, letting you inhale unwanted substances in your body.

It is best to choose a high-quality vaporizer. Research the vaporizer you’re going to buy, making sure that the manufacturer of the unit is reliable. Reading reviews about the vaporizer is also a good tip before purchase. You can check out high-quality vaporizer by clicking here.


Moisture is also one component any organic material can possess. When you leave your Cannabis inside the chamber, it can moist up and become wet. Moisture from the Cannabis can seep into the thin line cracks of your vaporizers and rust internal parts. A person who is concerned about taking in Cannabis in a healthy way would not want anything inhaled other than vapor.


Dabbing and Vaping have a common enemy, it is benzene. Benzene is a carcinogenic compound that is released in Cannabis when heated up to more than 365 degrees. Benzene is also found in the like of car exhausts, tobacco, and soft drinks. This substance is not something you would want your body to have. It is best to heat your Cannabis below the 365-degree range for best results.

Your Lifestyle, Your Choice

There are so many new technologies popping up in the Cannabis industry. Vaping and Dabbing could not have been imagined 20 years ago as a form of taking in Cannabis.

New and better methods are to rise up in the near future. It is only right that Cannabis has fueled the way to a positive and healthier option.

Which method do you prefer when taking in Cannabis?

Please let us know in the comments below!

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