Vaping Cannabis with Common Herbs

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Gone are the days of pipes, rolled joints, and bongs… today, the best way to consume cannabis is through vaping. Not  only is it trendy and adds class to your cannabis enjoyment but it is also much healthier for you. What’s more, people are now vaping cannabis with common herbs to get even more from their experience.

By mixing cannabis with common herbs, like chamomile, sage or peppermint, you can boost the flavor as well as get more benefits from the mix. Each herb has its own medicinal value and when combined with the power of cannabis, you can imagine what it adds to your experience.

Vaping in a Nutshell

How You can benefit from Vaping Cannabis with Common Herbs

For those who don’t know, vaping is a method of consuming your herbs. Instead of burning them at close to 1000 degrees celsius, you can heat them up in a vaping device. 

When vaping, you heat the herbs up anywhere between 100 to 350 degrees celsius which is just hot enough to release the herb’s beneficial elements. When you burn the herbs, like when smoking, you are also releasing the harmful carcinogens which is a serious health hazard.

A lot of different vapes provide a smooth and healthy intake of your cannabis without inhaling the undesirable contents like tar and other carcinogens.

To find out more about vaping you can check out the ultimate beginner’s guide in What You Should Know About Vaping Cannabis and How You Can Get Started.

Now, to bring your vaping experience to a whole new level through Vaping cannabis with common herbs.

Can You Vape Common Herbs?

How you can benefit from Vaping Cannabis with Common Herbs

There are a lot of different “heat activated” herbs that have medicinal properties in them. The contents of these herbs are usually extracted by cooking or mixing them with food and also by brewing them into a cup of tea.

The type of herbs that can be used for vaping may surprise you, considering that most of these common herbs are your kitchen staples that are already available at home. Common household herbs that can be vaporized are:

  • Chamomile
  • Lemon Balm
  • Peppermint
  • Dry Sage
  • Green tea
  • Rosemary
  • Hops
  • Thyme
  • Lavender

The contents of these common herbs prove to have different medicinal properties and can easily be taken in through vaping.

Vaping herbs can be a form of aromatherapy, a relief of symptoms, a form of cure and/or a compliment to medical cannabis intake.

Below you can find out more about each common herb and their medicinal benefits:


Benefits of Mixing Herbs with Cannabis

How you can benefit from Vaping Cannabis with Common Herbs

While herbs are mostly used to add zest, extra flavor, and aroma to your food, you can also get a lot of medicinal benefits by vaping herbs like Chamomile, Lemon Balm, and Peppermint.

These common herbs prove to be very effective in relieving different types unwanted ailments. When vaping these herbs, terpenes are released giving each herb its distinct aroma and taste. Terpenes are volatile unsaturated hydrocarbons found in the essential oils of plants, especially conifers and citrus trees.

When vaping herbs with cannabis, the herbs usually compliment cannabis in a way that it improves taste and aroma. Depending on what herb you use to vape cannabis with, the medicinal properties of the herb will also be taken in by your system.

Boost your flavor- Vaping Cannbis with common herbs

Vaping cannabis with different common herbs can also be fun. Although cannabis and its different strains already have a distinct taste, mixing cannabis with different common herbs widens the perspective.

The different benefits of vaping common herbs with cannabis are:

  • Makes Your Cannabis Last – People normally follow a 50/50 percent ratio (50% cannabis 50% herb) when loading a vaporizer chamber with herbs and cannabis. The amount of cannabis you vape with each session is cut down in half. At the same time, this gives you the full satisfaction of a full load.
  • Additional Medicinal Benefits – Cannabis alone already gives you CBD or cannabidiol, which is very good for the body. Vaping Cannabis with common herbs will give you an enhanced medicinal vaping mix. Herbs like peppermint, for example, can treat allergic reactions and menstrual symptoms.
  • Improved Taste – Vaping cannabis with other herbs can bring out terpenes that are not found in cannabis. These terpenes will have a significant influence in how each vapor hit would taste. An example is with peppermint that comes with a soothing and cooling effect.
  • Enhanced Aroma – The herb you choose to vape cannabis with will surely compliment each hit. Since these herbs come with their own aroma, you will sense a difference in smell compared to vaping cannabis alone. Once you have found the right mixture of your herb, you can then set your mood for your desired aromatherapy.

Getting Started with Vaping Cannabis with Common Herbs

How you can benefit from Vaping Cannabis with Common Herbs

The preparation of vaping herbs with cannabis should start with a good vaporizing device. It is important to note that your vaporizer must be able to regulate temperature since this is key to vaporizing other herbs.

Dry herb vaporizers are the recommended devices for cannabis and herbs. To find out why you can read The Difference between MODs and True Herbal Vapes article.

The vaporizer you choose will determine the limitations of herbs you can vape.

The heat should be regulated properly since different herbs have different boiling points where they release vapor. It is also important to not go over the boiling points since this will lead to combustion and you will be inhaling smoke instead of vapor.

In preparation of vaping other herbs with cannabis, it is good to be aware of a few simple tips:

  • The visual difference between smoking herbs vs cannabis – Herbs give out a milder vapor compared to cannabis. So the less vapor you get does not mean less medicinal effects you’re taking in.
  • Temperature is important – Before vaping herbs with cannabis, it is important to note the boiling point of the herb you combine cannabis with. This will allow you to bring the most out of the herb without burning it.
  • Extra is needed in loading herbs – If you prefer to have more of the herbs’ medicinal contents, you can load your vaporizing chamber with more of the herb than of cannabis. Doubling the dose of the herb will give you a much more flavorful experience in your sessions.
  • Create a proper Medicine Closet – Since these herbs are equivalent to medicine, proper storage and safekeeping should be observed. Placing herbs in sterilized containers with proper labels of herb names and their boiling points.

Vaporizers Available on the Market Today

How You can benefit from Vaping Cannabis with Common Herbs

To effectively vape herbs with cannabis, it is best that you find a suitable vaporizer that can regulate the temperatures that herbs require. There are a lot of choices on the market today when it comes to picking up the best vaporizer that can suite your needs.

Below are some of the most popular and widely used dry herb vaporizer on the market today. This list was verified by a good number of satisfied customers with VapeFuse.


The Volcano is already a household name when talking about dry herb vaporizers. It is a well-designed desktop vaporizer, manufactured using top grade material and advanced technology. This unit has been rated as easy to use, durable and produces high-quality vapor.

How You can benefit from Vaping Cannabis with Common Herbs



A descendant of the Volcano by Storz and Bickel, the Crafty is a modern portable vaporizer that has made its way to the top of the list in the portable dry herb vaporizing industry. The Crafty is equipped with latest technological advancements available today. The design is minimal and its performance is unmatched in the market for its size. It’s made for on the go and has a large chamber for maximum herbs. Finally, it can be operated with your mobile phone where you can set a range of different temperature to test with your herbs.


How You can benefit from Vaping Cannabis with Common Herbs


Arizer Air

The Arizer Air is one of the most affordable yet high-performing vaporizers in the market. Its design is compact, easy in the palm of your hand and modern. It is simple to operate, durable and has various temperature settings. The Arizer Air is known for its ceramic to glass heating mechanism which is like rocket science.How You can benefit from Vaping Cannabis with Common Herbs


Vaping for Thought

The choices for dry herb vaporizers are broad and your choice will only be limited to your usage.

Vaping cannabis with common herbs can take your experience to the next level. You can tap into many different medicinal benefits by just researching and trying different herbs with your cannabis.

Ultimately, vaping herbs with cannabis enhances your R and R experience, making it a must-try method which you can look forward to every day as part of your cannabis-infused lifestyle.

What herbs have you paired cannabis with? Share with us by commenting below!
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