3 Ways to Get Your Perfect Water Pipe from Waxmaid

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Do you like vaping? Do you like how the world of smoking from water pipes is changing? If that’s your niche, then you need to see how Waxmaid is transforming water pipes. There are all manner of items, but some water pipes were truly made for this generation.

We have three intuitive models for you to try out. They are all customizable, and they have everything you need to them out with you. Now, it’s a matter of choice on what favors you because they have all passed the required tests.

Waxmaid 11.6” Springer Collapsible Silicone Water Pipe

The Waxmaid Springer takes first place as a truly portable water pipe worthy of your vaping collection. The materials are all from platinum-cured silicone, making it food safe and break-free compared to the glass types.

Let’s see what it’s composed of and the best ways to use it.


The package includes a collapsible springer water pipe together with the glass bowl. You get the glass bowl in the lower chamber. The water pipe has a spring design on the mouthpiece that collapses to 6.9 inches and extends to 11.6 inches.

Waxmaid Springer collapsible silicone water pipes

The silicone composition makes it collapsible and portable too. It can also bend to any angle. The only different part you get is the glass tool for holding the loaded dab. A magnet holds the glass, dab tools, and a lighter near the glass bowl position.

So, it’s a portable springer that can carry everything from itself to a lighting torch.


The removable parts on the Waxmaid springer are the bottom lid for the water holding compartment and the glass. So, it’s a matter of loading the water beneath, closing, and then fixing the glass holder on the downstem.

Waxmaid Platinum Cured Silicone Water Pipe

You load the dab on the glass and use a lighter to get it running. You can move the larger mouthpiece up, down, and sideways as you wish and keep toking as you light. It’s solid and durable to handle the bends and collapses.

Having a silicone body makes it easy to handle and carry. At the bottom, there is a broader suction base which helps in stabilizing the water pipe. The magnet near the end of the downstem does not fade away, meaning you will be utilizing it for a long time.


Cleaning the Waxmaid springer water pipe is easy, but you also need to follow the best practices. According to the manufacturer, the best time to clean up is when the material is still warm and soft. That is immediately after the hits.

It’s possible to access the inner tank for a better clean-up when you access the bottom lid. The silicone material is ultimately dishwasher safe, so there is no problem using soap and water. If the resin is too much, you can opt to boil the water pipe and then use soap to brush and get rid of the residue.

Another way to clean is using the freezer. Just let the silicone on the springer water pipe freeze for a few hours and then squeeze it to de-gunk. What you cannot use to clean is concentrated alcohol due to the corrosive nature it will have on silicone over time.

Waxmaid 8.8” Robo Silicone Glass Water Pipe

The Robo Silicone glass water pipe is another vaping tool from Waxmaid that you can utilize. It’s also made of silicone, but the water container has glass on it. The mouthpiece is movable to rotate in 360 degrees, and it pops in and out.


The package comes with the Robo silicone water pipe with the glass on it and the 14mm glass bowl. The silicone part is platinum cured, and the FDA already approves it as food safe. The glass compartment is tightly packed, and you can remove it for cleaning and filling.

Waxmaid Robosiliconeglass Water Pipe

We have a rotating mouthpiece here, and you can also remove it. The downstem is on the suction base, and that’s where the glass bowl goes. It’s magnetic at the top to hold the dab tools and your lighter. So, it has a convenient way to carry your belongings.

The suction base is broader to give the 8.8” Waxmaid water pipe the stability it needs from light knocks. Since most of the make is silicone, it protects the glass from breaking.


Using it is easy. All you need is to fill the water in the suction base and close down the glass container. Fix the mouthpiece and rotate it to the desired angle. After that, get the glass bowl and insert it on its holder on the downstem.

Waxmaid Robo silicone glass water pipes

That’s where your dab will go. Use the magnetic part to keep the dab tools and torch in place. After that, get the torch, light up the loaded glass, and enjoy the hits from the mouthpiece end.
The cool vapor will be getting to you via the water, and you will feel the effect as the smoke goes down.


Cleaning the Robo silicone glass water pipe requires taking apart the glass container, mouthpiece, and glass bowl. The silicone part is dishwasher safe, and you can always brush it with soap and brush.

The glass part will use hot water to get the resin out, and you should rinse several times. For better maintenance and storage, always put the glass container and glass bowl in separate storage bags.

Another way to clean the glass parts is to use 70% concentrated alcohol mixed with salt while still in separate storage bags. Shake thoroughly before rinsing for proper cleaning.

Waxmaid 8” Universal Traveler Water Bottle Pipe

The last part involves a good traveler option that only consists of the pipe. Well, you can get a bottle anywhere but ensure that it’s clean, especially these days. That’s why it’s a perfect go-to option when you are in a hurry.


It’s just a mouthpiece and the downstem to hold the glass bowl. The rest include tubes that you can hook below the unit to make the water pipe whole. That’s all you get in the box. There are various colors to choose from red-black to rasta.


The material here is platinum-cured silicone, and it’s also considered food safe. The down part will include water, beer, or wine bottles. In short, if it’s 19mm-39mm at the top, it’s suitable for use.

All you need is to fill it with water.Waxmaid Traveler Water Pipe


Assembling the Traveler water bottle pipe is easy. All you need is to hook up the tubes below. Next, insert the glass bowl in the downstem and then fix it on a bottle. You need to fill the bottle with water first for the cooling effect.

Waxmaid Universal Traveler Water Bottle Pipe

Once you start toking, the water bottle will serve as the coolant. The only thing you don’t have here is a magnetic downstem to hold the dab tools and lighter.


Cleaning will only involve the Traveler water bottle pipe. The tubes that go down the bottle are detachable into pieces, and the whole unit is silicone apart from the glass bowl. It’s therefore allowed to boil or wash with soap and hot water.

Waxmaid Traveler water bottle pipe details

Being dishwasher safe means that there is no hard time cleaning. For the best results, you need to clean after use while it’s still greasy and warm. The only part that you can wash with concentrated alcohol is the glass bowl.

For the silicone material, it’s not advisable to use the alcohol solution.


Choosing the Springer, Robo, or the Traveler depends on preference. They are all adorable, and they assist in taking hits with the best mechanisms in mind. So, whether you want something collapsible or a smaller unit to use with bottles, there is much to gain from Waxmaid.

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